Justin Bieber Involved in Car Accident

Maxalt without rx Justin Bieber was reportedly involved in a car accident this afternoon in Beverly Hills.

http://evalfor.com/wp-login.php Justin Bieber, 20, was a passenger in an black Escalade which was being followed by a paparazzo photographer. In an attempt to ditch the photographer, the SUV Bieber was in traveling at a fast speed down North Canon Drive. A BMW was pulling out of a parking lot near Mastro’s Steak House. Apparently the driver of the BMW didn’t realize how fast the Escalade was going. Needless to say when it pulled out..it slammed into the passenger door on the right side of the Escalade..

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The collision happened outside a parking lot where there is a stop light; crashes often occur in this area as visibility is not the best.

Justin Bieber was reportedly involved in a car accident in Beverly Hills.According to sources…Bieber, who was not hurt, immediately got out of the Escalade and hopped into another vehicle and sped off. He wasn’t present when the police arrived.

The driver of the black BMW has not been identified.


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