Texas Tech Cheerleader Kills Exotic Animals Receives Threats

Safari Kendall Jones

A Texas Tech cheerleader who has infuriated many in the online community after posting photos of wildlife she killed,  says she’s received DEATH THREATS over her penchant for hunting exotic animals.

Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old who has proudly shared snaps on her social media accounts of her posing with dead exotic animals in Africa claims she has received numerous threats by phone and email.

Kendall Jones THREATS over her penchant for hunting exotic animals Jones, who is gunning for a reality show, went on her first big game hunt to Africa when she was 9.  She calls the photos a testament to her hunting skills and dedication to game preservation.claims her hunting is actually a conservation effort.

One alleged threat which was posted on Instagram  was from model, animal rights activist and  “Real Housewives of Miami” star Joanna Krupa.

Krupa, 35,  wrote: ‘This b**** Kendall Jones killed this beautiful creature so she post a selfie! That lion is an endangered species… breaks  Texas Tech cheerleader who has infuriated many in the online community after posting photos of wildlifemy f***ing [heart] not to mention he had a family… I wish I can fly to Africa and shoot her ugly ass.’

NOTE:  We chose not to post Jones’  disturbing photos on our front page..see them here

The message has since been removed and thus far, Krupa has not commented on the claims.

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Facebook, who claims the photos are in violated their standards has now deleted Jones’ trophy photos showing the rhinos, elephants, lions and leopards that she has killed or tranquilized in Africa.

In a statement, it said it removes ‘reported content that promotes poaching of endangered species, the sale of animals for organized fight or content that includes extreme acts of animal abuse’.

Kendall Jones Photos

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