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The Face of Meth After Three Years

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Matzke and her husband , Alex Caldwell, were charged with offenses which include burglary with assault/battery and battery on a person 65 years or older.

Other charges included possession of methamphetamine.

In the past three years, Matzke, a meth addict, has had ten arrest making this her eleventh.  The gallery of mugshots chart the startling decline of a young woman, with her complexion showing many of the hallmarks consistent with meth addiction.


Brigitte Matzke’s Record Volusia County, FL

Meth Addict Effects

Crystal meth is short for crystal methamphetamine. It is just one form of the drug methamphetamine.

Methamphetamine is a white crystalline drug that people take by snorting it (inhaling through the nose), smoking it or injecting it with a needle. Some even take it orally, but all develop a strong desire to continue using it because the drug creates a false sense of happiness and well-being—a rush (strong feeling) of confidence, hyper activeness and energy. One also experiences decreased appetite. These drug effects generally last from six to eight hours, but can last up to twenty-four hours.

The first experience might involve some pleasure, but from the start, methamphetamine begins to destroy the user’s life.

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