Nick Cannon No Wedding Band Again

buy provigil online with mastercard Nick Cannon appears to be wedding-band-less!

Nick Cannon on AGT without wedding bandIf not wearing a wedding band is a sure sign of a marriage gone bad…then I think it’s safe to say…It’s over for Nick Cannon and source de l'article Mariah Carey. 

Last week  Cannon,33,  announced last week that he and job me tender site de rencontre Carey were having ‘trouble in paradise’.

And as if to make a further public declaration that his marriage is heading towards the divorce courts the AGT host has appeared on the show for the past two nights with out his wedding band.

Mariah, 44, has been was seen out and about without her’s as well….

That’s a real “HEART BREAKER”

Too bad for Nick…his Mariah tattoo might not be nearly as easy to get rid of.

Nick Cannon Left Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey Split

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