Stripper Jana Weckerly Sues Jerry Jones

There’s another big blow to the reputation of the purchase generic isotretinoin online NFL and  this  time it’s not a player whose behavior is in question…It’s Dallas Cowboys owner source site Jerry Jones.

Jana Weckerly Suing Jerry JonesIn case you missed it…last month photos of here Jerry Jones fondling two strippers were leaked.

In Jones’ own defense, he  contended that the photos were taken without his knowledge over five years ago and the man who leaked the photos was trying to extort money from the NFL team owner.

One of the women in the photos Jana Weckerly, who calls her line of work as “exotic dancing”  is now saying that  she is traumatized and is in counseling because of the incident that took place in June 2009 at a local hotel.

The complaint filed by Jana Weckerly, 27, from Ardmore, Okla., says that  Jones fondled her genitals, forced her to touch or rub his penis, and required she watch as the 71-year-old Jones received oral sex from another woman. Weckerly is seeking more than $1 million in punitive damages.

If you recall photos of Jerry Jones fondling two strippers were leaked last month. Jones say the photos were a misrepresentation and wouldn’t speak on the issue any further. Jones contended the photos were taken without his knowledge over five years ago.

Jerry Jones Net Worth; $4.2 Billion

The stripper Jana Weckerly now says she is traumatized and is in counseling.

Jerry Jones Parties Hearty With Strippers

Jerry Jones’ lawyer, Levi McCathern,  made this statement.

“These allegations are completely false,” McCathern said in a statement forwarded to PFT.  “The legal complaint is unsupported by facts or evidence of any kind.  This is nothing more than an attempt to embarrass and extort Jerry Jones.   This is a shakedown by a lawyer who is a solo practitioner just trying to make a name for himself.  The alleged incidents would have been more than five years old.

“We intend to vigorously contest this complaint and expect it will be shown for what it is – a money grab.  Due to the seriousness of these baseless allegations, we have also involved law enforcement.”

Jerry Jones has owned the Dallas Cowboys for 25 years. According to, the franchise is currently worth $2.3 billion, $500 million more than any other NFL team (the Patriots are next at $1.8 billion).


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