College Football 2014…What if there were 8 teams??

The hootin’ and hollerin’ is over now but the buy gabapentin online reddit College Football Playoff committee really did get the best 4 teams in the playoffs.

College Football A to ZThe biggest issue was on how they arrived at those 4 deserving teams. The top 3 ( buy Lyrica in usa Alabama, Oregon, and FSU ) were no brainers. The mess became, and has been for several weeks, picking the 4th team. When TCU went from 3rd one week to being out of it on the last day, that was the rub. If the truth be known, Ohio State, TCU, and Baylor were so evenly matched in every facet of the argument that any of the 3 could have made it.

No matter who was chosen, there were going to be 2 upset universities. OSU overcame so much adversity with the loss of not just one, but 2 starting QB’s. Baylor beats TCU but played the poorest non-conference schedule. TCU blew a 21 point lead to Baylor and lost in their head to head showdown. OSU plays in the worst of the “Big 5” conferences and lost to a poor Virginia Tech squad in their only competitive non-conference game. You can just go on and on about the comparisons but in the end, the Big 12 does not have a conference championship game and that hurt both TCU and Baylor. Message to the Big 12 – go find 2 more teams and fix this problem or you will put your universities at risk every year.

How about luring in Boise State? What about BYU? Nebraska has no business in being in the Big 10! Missouri and Texas A&M ( geographically ) don’t fit in the SEC ( FSU, “The U”, or Clemson should be there instead ). How about Arkansas? You see, there in lies the dilemma. The college football conferences are so screwed up that in order to truly fix the problem, it would take a total re-alignment of buy brand provigil online EVERY conference in America to fix the problems. No one has the gonads to do the right thing and that will never happen. In the meantime, from now until the end of time ( or until they put me in charge of the NCAA ), we will have these issues, these debates, these problems.

So what if there were 8 teams in the college football playoffs? Let’s take a look at the match ups:

  • #1 Alabama vs. #8 Mississippi State
  • #4 Ohio State vs. #5 TCU
  • #2 Oregon vs. #7 Michigan State
  • #3 FSU vs. #6 Baylor

In the top half of the bracket, Alabama beats Mississippi State ( again ) and OSU beats TCU. Hmmm…Alabama plays OSU in the semi final…sound familiar? In the bottom half of the bracket Oregon beats Michigan State ( again ) and FSU beats Baylor. Hmmm…Oregon plays FSU in the semi final…sound familiar? Oh sure, upsets do happen and that’s why they play the games. But this year, we would have the same outcome no matter if we had 4 teams or 8 teams. Would I rather have 8 over 4? Absolutely! There is no greater game than college football and the drama would be off the charts. But what if we had 10 equal conferences and every conference had a championship game? What if all of the conference champions went on to the playoffs? What if the 2 top overall top seeded teams ( one from the East and one from the West ) received first round byes? What if the playoff rounds were strategically and geographically placed ( Carrier Dome, Atlanta, Rose Bowl, etc. )? What if the championship game was held in the same venue every year ( Indianapolis or St. Louis ) like College Baseball does it ( in Omaha )? What if, what if, what if…will never be. For now we will live with 4 teams and maybe in a few years it will be 8. We’ve come a long way since the inception of the BSC but it could be so much better. By the way, did you know that if we were still under the old BCS way of picking the final 2 teams, our championship game this year would be…Alabama vs. FSU? Then, what about Oregon, Ohio State, TCU, and Baylor? Oh my!

It truly has been a remarkable season. Marcus Mariota winning the Heisman Trophy last night capped off a brilliant career for him. In an era of pass happy offenses, some of the greatest performances of the year came from running backs. Both the Big 10 and SEC had dominating backs, record setters, and at different times throughout the year, backs that were considered Heisman candidates. Coaches that were rumored to be in trouble did get the axe. Say good bye to Muschamp, Hoke,  and Pelini. Top coordinators at Texas A&M and Auburn were canned. Coaching shuffling at Wisconsin and Oregon State. Is there a better show on ESPN than Gameday? One thing did piss me off…too many good games scheduled at the same time. Dog games at noon and 3 great games at 7:30 and 8:00! Note to every top program in America…Everyone needs a “cupcake” on the schedule. You don’t need 3! We need more kick off classic games like we had this year between Georgia and Clemson and Wisconsin vs. LSU. Ohio State should not be playing Buffalo, Kent State, or South Dakota State. The Big 10 is poor enough, get some gonads ( that’s twice I’ve used that word today ) and schedule Georgia Southern ( as your cupcake ), TCU, and Arizona as your non conference games if you want national relevance. Note to LSU…Let Les go to Michigan and hire Chris Peterson of Washington! Could you imagine what a great offensive minded coach could do what all of that talent in the great state of Louisiana?

Next up…Bowl Mania!

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