College Football 2014/2015…Bowl Updates

With 21 bowl games now in the books (and 17 more to go), let’s catch up on some of the highlights and lowlights of this years version of “Bowl Mania”.

The coaching merry-go-round…Harbaugh to Meechigan? The worst kept secret in college football will be announced today at noon when former ’49er HC Jim Harbaugh leaves the left coast for all the $$$ to become the top man in Ann Arbor. WHY??? The Big 10 is a dying conference (#5 out of the Big 5 ) that is owned by the Urbanites currently. Oh sure, every once in a while Wisconsin or Michigan State is competitive, but the Wolverines have been dying for years. Can he resurrect the Maize and Blue? Probably. But it may take a few years and in the meantime Ohio State will run roughshod over the depleted Big 10 and remain the face of the conference. Until the Big 10 starts playing a competitive non conference schedule and starts winning major bowl match ups, Harbaugh, Michigan, and the rest of the Big 10 will never be relevant again on the national scene. Enjoy the big jack Jimmy!

Don’t mess with…Louisiana!! When it comes to big games and bowl match ups, you don’t want your program to be paired up with a team from the Bayou State! UL Lafayette rolls Nevada and La. Tech beats Illinois. Watch out ND…you are next to get drummed by a team that feasts on alligator, boudin balls, and moonshine…unless Les screws it up!

Worst prepared bowl teams so far? Sadly, this time of the year also gives us some teams that DO NOT want to be there. They may say all the right things but they come to the games just to collect the “freebies”. source Worst team #1 – North Carolina. Are you freaking kidding me? They draw hapless Rutgers…from the pitiful Big 10…and get humiliated! Talk about not being prepared! At this point in time, school officials should think about disbanding the program. The school is a wreck. Academic fraud allegations in the hoops program. Thank goodness for baseball and women’s field hockey! where can i buy prednisone Worst team #2 – Oklahoma. Weren’t’ they the pre-season #1 team in the country? Guess they drank the Kool Aid! Once the face of the Big 12, Big Game Bob and Boomer Sooner have really taken a nose dive. TCU, Baylor, and K State have all vaulted past OU AND Texas – the former faces of the conference. buy pfizer Lyrica online Worst team #3 – Fresno State. But seriously, does anybody really care? Usually they are a tough out in bowl games but talk about not being ready this time around? They made Rice look like a Top 10 team!

Best performances (or biggest surprises) to date? #1 has to be NC State. The Wolfpack were a middle of the road ACC team that showed up for a half against FSU only to wear down in the end. They were firing on all cylinders versus a very good George O’Leary coached UCF squad. #2 are the Gamecocks from South Carolina. USC was the pre-season favorite to win the SEC East but got drilled on opening night versus Texas A&M. The defense was in shambles all year but something clicked from their last game with Clemson and the bowl game with The “U”. They held “Duke” in check and stymied the Hurricane offense.

Most bizarre game to date? #1 has to be Western Kentucky and Central Michigan. Western built an insurmountable lead only to watch it disappear in the 4th quarter. Central came storming back and with 1 tick left on the clock, they throw a 75 yard Hail Mary to tie the game. Hats off to the entire team and coaching staff to have the gonads to go for 2 and WIN the game. Although they failed in the attempt, it was a gutsy call, the right call, and I applaud them for the effort! #2 is BYU and Memphis. Although this game was marred by a bench clearing brawl in the end, it was back and forth all game long. BYU would surge ahead and Memphis answered every time. Memphis would surge ahead and BYU would answer. In the end, Memphis made 1 more play to win the game – a fitting end for a team on the rise and a coach on the rise.

We can win with a 3rd string QB, why can’t you? Ohio State is in the national semi-finals with their third string QB at the helm. Cincinnati played Virginia Tech using their third stinger. Why couldn’t they pull off the win? I guess you just can’t replace a Gunner or a Munchie!!

Most inspiring win? Hands down it has to be Penn State’s win over Boston College. Hard to believe, but this game was a sell-out in Yankee stadium. You know the story/debacle of Penn State football since the Sandusky story and subsequent death of the beloved Joe Pa. The schools was stripped of everything related to football and then granted a reprieve back in the fall. The Penn State faithful gobbled up every ticket they could get their hands on and came out in full force to support the Nittany Lions. PSU survived a tough hard fought game to finally edge BC. Penn State desperately needed the win and the Big 10 desperately needs a good/great Penn State team.

Let’s hope these next 17 games are as thrilling as the 21 that we have seen so far. Who will show up and play? Who is just their for the vacation? Stay tuned…

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