Jennifer Aniston Gets Unwanted Drive Thru Visitor

Man runs into Jennifer Aniston's yard Jennifer Aniston got an unwanted visitor Saturday night around at her Bel Air estate.

The guest arrived via vehicle at about 8:30 PM after he hit the curb, bypassing security guard landing in the actresses front yard and taking out some of her decorative foliage.

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The security guard called 911.  Immediately upon their arrival…it didn’t take a “rocket scientist” to determine that he was drunk.

The man claimed he wasn’t driving however, the whole incident was capture on security video…He flunked the field sobriety test…was arrested for DUI.

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 Jennifer Aniston Retard

Poor Choice of Words Jennifer Aniston!  Actress Jennifer Aniston compared herself to a “retard” on ‘Regis & Kelly’ Thursday morning, as Hollywood Life pointed out.  “So you got to play dress up?” Regis asked of her Barbra Streisand-inspired shoot.  “Yeah, I got to play dress up,” Jen said. “I do it for a living, like a retard.”  Real full story here

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