Kanye West Earning Straight A’s Teaching Fashion

Kanye teaching a course in fashion

Kanye West is putting his creative mind and fashion sense to good use!

The rapper, is reportedly delivering lectures on fashion and creativity at a LA Trade College that specializes in designing apparel in exchange for community service hour credits.

According to sources…he’s not the only one benefiting exchange.  The school has seen an 40% surge in enrollment.  A larger number of new enroll-es are men.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West

Kanye West Explains North West’s Tantrum

In return for the no contest plea, the attempted grand theft charge has been dismissed.  He was placed on informal probation for 24 months.  He was ordered to attend anger management therapy and 250 hours of community service.

Kanye will have to teach roughly 83 more class sessions to complete all 250 hours of community service.

 Kanye West Fears Drones

 The Kanye West Paparazzi Altercation

The incident occurred at LAX.   The photographer began asking Kanye questions.  Kanye became provoked and began shouted at the photographer, ordering him not to speak to him or anyone he knew. The photographer kept asking questions, asking why he couldn’t speak to the rapper.  Kanye snapped, turned around, and walked back to the photographer. West then attacked and punched the photographer, who fell to the ground in pain. The photographer was transported in an ambulance to an emergency room.

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