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64…32…6…8…FINAL FOUR!!

The 2015 Men's Final Four will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis April 4 & 6

The magical day has finally arrived. Final 4 Saturday is truly one of, if not the greatest, day in all sports. With a full week of hype, assessments, analysis, interviews, and preparation, we can now sit back and watch one of the best Final 4 pairings of all time. Think about it… visit the website Coach K and look at more info Tom Izzo. buy strattera Coach Cal and see page Bo Ryan. All four of these men are the epitome of being a college coach. All 4 will be Hall of Famers. And all have done it a different way and took a different path to get there. Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. Legendary schools and giants in the world of college sports. Some of you out there hate this scenario – top seeds making it to the end. You were hoping for a Cinderella story and your brackets were filled with early round upsets. Not this year! Others love it! Chalk prevailed (for the most part) for one of the few times even though State wasn’t a top seed.

So who is going to escape tonight? Conventional wisdom (and Vegas) says Kentucky and Duke. They are both favored by 5-6 points. Will Kentucky’s youth and inexperience finally catch up with them, or, will there immense talent, extreme length, and drive to perfection carry them to the promised land? The persuit of perfection, 40-0, that’s their motivation. Or will Wisconsin’s veteran leadership, experience, tremendous perimeter play, and discipline overtake UK in the end? I said from the time the pairings came out that Big Blue was going to cruise until they met ND. ND showed the world the formula on how to beat the ‘Cats. Wisconsin is better than ND (and Duke is better than Wisconsin) so they have a very good shot of pulling off the upset. Say what you want, but the collar is getting a little tighter if you are wearing the UK blue. They act all loose and focused but watch and see how they react if the Badgers start the game on a 9-1 run! So what do you want to see? History and UK finishes 40-0. Or the underdog pull off the upset. If Kentucky goes 40-0, do we have to listen to all the Talking Heads for years to come talk about them being the greatest college team in history?

In the first game of the night, Duke and Michigan State meet in a rematch from a game played earlier this year in which Duke won by 10. Both teams have significantly improved since then. State would be the Cinderella story of the tournament if they went on to win. Maybe it is just me, but a Kentucky vs. Michigan State final wouldn’t excite me. UK would win by 20! Duke doesn’t have to rely on just one scorer to carry the load – on any given night any one of their top 8 guys could have the hot hand and lead them to victory. On the other hand, State doesn’t have as many offensive weapons and Trice and Valentine MUST have monster games if they want to win. Okafor, Winslow, Jones, and Cook – too many weapons for Coach K and the Dookies move on!

So for all you folks out there wanting to see a Kentucky – Duke championship game on Monday night, you just may get your wish. I bet that matchup is the #1 pairing of all the brackets in America! Goliath vs. Goliath. Premier school vs. premier school. A bunch of one and dones vs. a bunch of one a dones. I hate Laettner vs. I hate??? Big Blue Nation would be mortified if the Dookies were to beat them…again. There would be a state wide suicide watch!

So go out and get your adult beverages, chicken wings, pizza, and other assorted munchies and get ready for an unbelievable night of hoops! We could be in for the greatest Final Four games of all time!

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