Tiger Safari Animals are Safe After Tornado

Tuttle Tiger Safari Oklahoma

It was a memorable severe weather night for the Plains — and Oklahoma in particular — as tornadoes, extreme flash flooding and the threat of loose wildlife spread like wildfire across the Sooner State and social media on Wednesday.

At around 9.45pm on Wednesday, officials at the Tiger Safari in Grady County, Oklahoma,  a facility that houses tigers, lions, black bears, grizzly bears and pythons confirmed that several of their exotic animals had escaped from their cages and were on the loose.

Park officials later told reporters that bears were the only animals to have escaped from their enclosures following the powerful storm.

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Shortly before 10pm, the Grady County Sheriff’s Office confirmed all of the animals had been accounted for.

The storm was among at least 20 separate instances of tornadoes to have been spotted across the Midwest.

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