President Obama Gives Caitlyn Jenner his Stamp of Approval

Obama Thumbs Up to Caitlyn Jenner

President Obama has give Caitlyn Jenner his “stamp of approval.”

source url Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner…has been a major topic of the media and tabloids after it was revealed that  the Olympic gold medalist was transitioning into a woman.

The world finally got to meet Caitlyn  Jenner after her “Vanity Fair”  cover photos were released.

As expected…the backlash has been mixed!  However, the LGBT community considers it a huge victory.

Rival Helicopter Pilots Transgender Reassignment

Obama shared his thoughts on TWITTER saying… “It takes courage to share your story,” adding, “Your story matters in the fight for LGBT rights.”

Sources say “It’s one thing for the President to acknowledge LGBT rights during a State of the Union address … it’s another to voice strong support for the person who has become the most visible transgender person in the world.”

Bruce Jenner has Complete Support During Journey

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