Sherwood Country Club Welcomes Caitlyn Jenner

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Sherman Country Club Welcomes Caitlyn Jenner

Sherwood Country Club is welcoming Caitlyn Jenner with open arms.  TMZ’s story in fabricated and incorrect!

Jenner, 65, has been a member at the high-end California country club for more than 15 years. On June 1, Vanity Fair released its upcoming issue with Jenner on the cover accompanied with the tagline, “Call me Caitlyn,” to reveal Jenner’s completed gender transition. A day later, TMZ reported that there were problems with Jenner’s use of the men’s locker room and main dining room and that rules were in place to segregate her from other male members.

Sherwood Country Club has adamantly denied the report in a statement to, saying the club was “very disappointed and surprised to learn of TMZ’s alleged news post.”

TMZ never contacted the Club for any input into its story about Caitlyn Jenner, and it shows,” the statement read. “The story is almost entirely false, other than the fact that Bruce Jenner has been a valued long term member at the Club in good standing. That fact has not changed one bit. Caitlyn Jenner will continue to be a valued member of Sherwood Country Club, enjoying all that it has to offer to its members.”

TMZ’s Conflicting Report

Sherwood Country Club has announced it will enforce its rules excluding women, including Caitlyn Jenner, from dining in its men only main dining room and bar, according to TMZ.

Jenner became a member of the country club in Thousand Oaks, Calif., 15 years ago.  Jenner  was known to golf and dine with friends on the grounds almost every day for an extended time.

Unfortunately the clubs  gender-specific rule will prevent Jenner from keeping up her usual routine.

The main dining room is attached to the men’s locker room while the women’s dining room is separate. The board of the country club did say they would consider an appeal if Jenner applies for it.

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