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Ben Affleck Buys Dodge Challenger Hellcat

buy tinidazole in singapore Ben Affleck has reportedly purchased a new ride which will be far more suiting for his soon to be new life as a bachelor.

Ben Affleck Buys Dodge Challenger

Photo:  2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat – Ben Affleck

The Batman V Superman show star is the proud owner of a limited edition 2015 cheap priligy uk Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

The car has a 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V-Eight engine, 707 horsepower & 650 pound-feet of torque. According to sources  Affleck, 42, bought the auto over the phone.

There were only 2,000 manufactured and the list price is said to be around $90k.

That’s just a drop in the bucket for the actor who has a net worth of $75 million dollars! Related Ben Affleck Archives:

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The supercharged Hellcat HEMI V8, the super-duper Charger spits forth the same 707 hp as amaryllis translate spanish Dodge Challenger Hellcat, with all the attendant upgrades. The 15.4 inch, 6-piston Brembos up front are the biggest brakes ever fitted to a Dodge.

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Ben Affleck Revealed as Batman

Director Zack Snyder  revealed the first images of Ben Affleck’s as Batman.  The black and white photo has taken the Internet by storm.

Snyder is reportedly in Detroit making preparations to start of filming next week on the upcoming superhero team-up film Superman vs. Batman, a follow-up to 2013′s Man of Steel that rebooted Superman.

See Photo Here

The new photo shows Ben Affleck beside his Batmobile, which Snyder teased yesterday in a tweet of the shot that had the superhero car mostly covered in a tarp, saying that it could be time to pull the tarp off. So everyone was expecting the Batmobile reveal today, but not the added glimpse of the batsuit.

Ben Affleck Gambling Addiction

Ben Affleck Trivia

  • Confirmed engagement to Jennifer Lopez, after giving her a reported $3.5 million ring. (Nov. 2002)
  • His ancestry is English, German, Scottish, Irish, Northern Irish (Scots-Irish), and distant Swiss. His maternal great-grandfather, Joseph Raymond Boldt, was born in Rhode Island, to German immigrants, and his maternal great-grandmother, Anne Rita Lenihan, was Irish, born in County Down.
  • Voluntarily entered Promises Rehabilitation Center in Malibu, California for alcohol abuse. [July 2001]
  • Ben Affleck was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” (2002)
  • He was inspired to contribute to the Neil Bogart Memorial Fund, which supports cancer research at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, after meeting Molly Hanna, who died of cancer in 2002. She was a student in his mother’s fifth-grade class.
  • Growing up, the Marvel Comic book character Daredevil was his hero. He got to play the character in the 2003 movie.

Celebrities and Gambling

  • Ranked #41 in Premiere’s 2003 annual Power 100 List.
  • Is getting paid $1.5 million dollars for doing commercials for L’Oreal Shampoo. (2003)
  • Has a Boston Celtics logo painted on the basketball court at his house.
  • In the fall of 2003, he volunteered to spend several days with children with disabilities.
  • Speaks Spanish and French.
  • Jennifer Lopez wrote the song “Dear Ben” about him and how much she loved him.
  • With the exception of Clerks (1994), he has appeared in all of Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse films.
  • Ben Affleck can speak Arabic.
  • Ben Affleck won $356,000 by winning the California State Poker Championships in June 2004 – defeating some of the best poker players in the world in the process.
  • Is a first-time uncle to younger brother Casey’s son, Indiana August, who was born on May 31, 2004 in Amsterdam, to Casey and his fiancé, actress Summer Phoenix.
  • Ben Affleck Appeared in a prop photo used in the movie Mermaids (1990).
  • In 2001, was filming four movies simultaneously: Pearl Harbor (2001), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), Changing Lanes (2002), and The Sum of All Fears (2002).
  • When he was dating Jennifer Lopez, hated the paparazzi referring to them as “Bennifer.”
  • Is a staunch Democrat and has supported Senator John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign.
  • In 1999, he was nominated for the Razzie Award, Worst Screen Couple in the movie Armageddon (1998), with actress Liv Tyler. In 2004, he was again nominated for, and subsequently “won”, the Worst Screen Couple Award with co-star Jennifer Lopez in the movie Gigli (2003). One year later (2005), he was nominated, once again, for Worst Screen Couple, this time with both of the actresses (Jennifer Lopez or Liv Tyler) in the film Jersey Girl (2004).
  • As of 2005, has a total of seven Razzie Nominations (including three for Worst Actor) and two “wins”.
  • Prior to achieving leading man status, he was often cast as a bully.
  • Ben Affleck had four different stunt men for Daredevil (2003), each one with a different specialty (fighting, wire works, etc.). He tried to do as much of his own stunts as he possibly could, feeling that it would add more credibility to the film.
  • Ben Affleck  is a fan of the Red Sox baseball team
  • Appeared with wife Jennifer Garner in two movies Daredevil (2003) and Pearl Harbor (2001). It would have been three, but Affleck’s small scene in Elektra (2005), was cut from the final film.
  • Ben Affleck Quit smoking when Violet was born.

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