College Football 2015 Week 8

College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 8…Another Wild Ride!

In what was supposed to be a ho-hum weekend of follow url college football, once again, it turned out to be another roller coaster ride! Chalk was supposed to be the norm as there were numerous Top 25 teams idle, only one match up between Top 25 teams, and on paper, several lopsided contests. A rather boring week in a season of gut wrenching games to date. But, that’s why they play the games! Upsets, shocking endings, two 4 OT games, and at at end of the evening you are drained from the day! What the hell just happened???

Let’s start on the left coast where a dysfunctional group of Trojans were hosting the #3 team in the country Utah. Prior to yesterday, many had penciled in Utah as a Final 4 participant. For the last several weeks, we never knew what Trojan team was going to show up. The team loaded with talent or the team with no leadership, direction, or guidance. You knew something was fishy when Vegas had USC listed as the favorite over one of the top teams in the land. Cody, Ju-Ju, and Cameron play like All Americans and the Trojans thrashed, smashed, mashed, gashed, and…dashed Utah’s chance at a national championship. Utah has been a nice story…thank you for playing…your parting gifts are at the front desk…please pick them up on your way out!

Did you think anything could top last week’s ending in Ann Arbor when Meechigan handed one to Sparty on a Silver Platter? That’s probably the craziest ending we may see in our lifetime! Fast forward one week to the ATL. Georgia Tech, probably the biggest disappointment of the year, was hosting arch rival FSU. FSU had coasted so far this season and was heading towards a showdown with Clem-And-Son in a few weeks. With a few ticks left on the clock and the best kicker in the country about to ice the game for the Seminoles, Aguayo’s 56 yard FG was blocked and Lance Austin picked up the loose ball and weaved his way into the end zone for the winning TD. FSU now enters the world of the once beaten teams (didn’t I tell you a few weeks ago that we would could have about a dozen of one loss teams when it is all said and done). FSU, we need you to do us one favor. Please go into that other Death Valley in a few weeks and take care of business!

Let’s see…what else happened yesterday? How about the 4 OT game between Duke and Va. Tech? Once again, the Dookies are rolling under Coach Cut and are now 6-1! The stumbling Hogs played the stumbling Tigers (Auburn) in ANOTHER 4 OT game. Could Arkansas get on a roll like they did last year and win out?. Ya’ll wanted to fire Charlie Strong a few weeks ago. A couple of wins in a row cures all, doesn’t it? What about Clemson’s demolition of The”U” yesterday? Of all of the undefeated teams still left, Clemson has the easiest path to remain there. Ohio State may have found their solution to their QB problem. Fournette runs for a buck fifty in the slop. #2 Baylor receives a huge blow as their Heisman hopeful QB Seth Russell goes down with a fractured bone in his neck. No word yet on his prognosis. Fortunately, they have a great back up and a week off to prepare. In this crazy season, have you ever seen a Top 25 with the likes of Iowa, Toledo, Memphis, Pitt, Houston, and Temple dotting it? COACHING NEWS…Teams looking for a new HC include USC West, USC East, and Maryland. Don’t be surprised if The”U” makes a move before the year ends. The alum will be putting heavy pressure on the administration to cut ties with Coach Golden. And sadly, something may have to happen at Va. Tech. Beamer has been awesome but his time may be over. There could be a lot of shuffling when the bowl season finally ends! FINAL 4 UPDATE…As you look at the Top 25 (Top 10 in particular), there is going to be a lot of movement in the next 4 weeks. The first CFP (College Football Playoff Poll) comes out on 11/3. OSU still has Michigan, Michigan State, and the Big 10 championship game left. Baylor has TCU, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State remaining. Alabama has LSU, Auburn, and possibly the SEC championship game to play. LSU has ‘Bama, Arkansas, Texas A&M, and a potential SEC championship game left on their schedule. TCU has West Va., OK State, Oklahoma, and Baylor left. Clemson has FSU, South Carolina, and the ACC championship game left. Notre Dame has Pitt and Stanford in their way to the Final 4. Stanford has Oregon, Cal, ND, and a possible PAC 12 championship game. Could Iowa run the table and get in? Could an undefeated Toledo, Houston, or Memphis make the Final 4? What if Florida, Oklahoma, Duke, or Oklahoma State go undefeated for the rest of the season. Way, way, too many games left on the docket! And based on what we have seen so far, there is no way of predicting who is in and who is left out! Here is what A To Z thinks at this point. If LSU beats ‘Bama and runs the table, they are in. If Clemson beats FSU, they coast to the Final 4. If Michigan State beats Ohio State, they are in. If Stanford trips up the Irish and runs the table, they make it. TCU, Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma will all beat up each other and knock themselves out of the picture. LSU vs. Stanford and Clemson versus Michigan State for all the marbles. After Michigan State loses, Mark Dantonio announces that he is taking over at South Carolina! Guess what? This will probably change next week!!!

College Football A To Z Top 25:

  1. Ohio State 8-0
  2. Baylor 7-0
  3. Alabama 7-1
  4. LSU 7-0
  5. TCU 7-0
  6. Clemson 7-0
  7. Michigan State 8-0
  8. Stanford 6-1
  9. Utah 6-1
  10. Notre Dame 6-1
  11. Oklahoma State 7-0
  12. Florida 6-1
  13. Iowa 7-0
  14. FSU 6-1
  15. Oklahoma 6-1
  16. Toledo 7-0
  17. Memphis 7-0
  18. Houston 7-0
  19. Duke 6-1
  20. Michigan 5-2
  21. Ole Miss 6-2
  22. Georgia 5-2
  23. UCLA 5-2
  24. Pitt 6-1
  25. TIE Temple 7-0, Texas A&M 5-2

College Football WEEK 9 Key Games:

#6 Clemson @ NC State

Miami @ #19 Duke

#12 Florida versus #22 Georgia

Maryland @ #13 Iowa

Tulane @ #17 Memphis

#20 Michigan @ Minnesota

#21 Ole Miss @ Auburn

#8 Stanford @ Washington State

#25 Temple vs. #10 Notre Dame

West Va. @ #5 TCU

Oregon State @ #9 Utah

#11 Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech

Not a lot of marquee games but a lot with ranking significance. Does Clemson look past a pesky Wolfpack team in preparation for FSU? Hard to believe but ND and Temple is a match up between ranked teams. Could this be Al Golden’s last game if the Hurricanes lose to Duke? Nice job by the schedule makers as both LSU and Alabama are off this week as the get ready for their annual slug fest in 2 weeks! We keep waiting for Iowa to lose, can Maryland slow down the Hawkeye express? How about the annual World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party between Florida and Georgia? What’s life like in Georgia without Nick Chubb? Will Stanford keep rolling towards their showdown with the Irish? If the last 2 weeks are any indication, we will be in for another slobber knocker weekend of college football – the greatest game in the world!

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