College Football 2015…Recapping Week 9 – Wild Once Again!

Yesterday, we were all “ TRICKED” into believing that it was going to be a ho-hum day in college football.

cheap glucophage xr weight loss 6 of the Top 25 teams were idle and there was only 1 game between Top 25 teams – ND and Temple. Instead, we were “ TREATED” with an array of wild, wacky, and dramatic games that left us wondering…what the hell just happened? There were cliff hangers (see Notre Dame vs. Temple), goal line stands (see Michigan vs. Minnesota), an aerial circus (see Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech), and another wide right (see Stanford vs. Washington State). Once again, dreams were dashed, upsets were avoided, and a few unbeatens kept their dreams alive…just a typical weekend in college football!

Let’s start on a sad note. What a tear jerker in Gopher land as Head Coach Jerry Kill had to step down due to his ongoing issue with seizures. This man lived for the game, his kids, and the university he loved. Like his teams, he fought to the end but realized that he could no longer do it. Too young to get out and too much to still offer. Hopefully he can get healthier and live a long life!

The day got started off with news out of Buckeye Land that starting QB J.T. Barrett was charged with driving while intoxicated. He only gets a misdemeanor for this and a 1 game suspension. Cardale Jones had been inefficient as the starting QB and Barrett was given the keys last week (no pun intended) to drive this offense. Nice job JT! Captain and leader???

How about something positive? You may not know it, but they still play football in Happy Valley. Penn State has quietly improved to 7-2 and is lead by pre-season Heisman hopeful QB Christian Hackenberg. With season ending games with Northwestern, Michigan, and Michigan State, the Nittany Lions have a chance to make some noise in the Big 10. Maybe Coach Franklin can resurrect this once proud university!

Speaking of coaches, with openings now at USC, South Carolina, Maryland, UCF, Miami, and Minnesota, who is next? Purdue? Virginia? Va. Tech? The off season will be as wild and crazy as the regular season. More coaches will get fired and there will be a tremendous amount of moving within the ranks.

Two weeks ago we had the Special Teams debacle in Ann Arbor when the punter failed to get off a last second kick and handed the ball (and the game) to State. Last week it was a Special Teams blunder in Hotlanta when Georgia Tech blocks a last second FG, scoops the ball up, and scores the winning TD to upset FSU. Surely, something like that couldn’t happen again. Coaches all around the country must have spent more time focused on situations like that all week long. Oops, I guess not! Duke, of all people, scores the apparent game winning TD against The “U” and with just a few ticks left on the clock, kicks off. Game over, right? WRONG! 8 laterals later, Miami walks into the end zone with the game winning touchdown. After a 9 minute review of the play, the inept officials award Miami with the TD. Wide open blocks in the back were missed and one of the runners knee was down before the lateral was made. How can so many officials miss all of that while the play was going on? And worse yet, how can they not see it after 9 minutes of review? Every one of those officials should be fired today!

Don’t you just hate it when television puts the best games all on at the same time? At 3:30 EST yesterday we had Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech, Clemson vs. N.C. State, and Florida vs. Georgia. My thumb hurts from going back and forth!

Was there a game 4 of the World Series last night? Must have missed it watching ND battle a gutty, determined, underrated bunch from Temple. That’s right, the mighty Temple Owls! That’s hard to say (or write) with a straight face. Gotta show some love for Temple AND the American Conference this year!

A To Z College Football Top 25:

  1. Ohio State 8-0
  2. Baylor 7-0
  3. Alabama 7-1
  4. LSU 7-0
  5. Clemson 8-0
  6. TCU 8-0
  7. Michigan State 8-0
  8. Stanford 7-1
  9. Utah 7-1
  10. Notre Dame 7-1
  11. Oklahoma State 8-0
  12. Florida 7-1
  13. Iowa 8-0
  14. FSU 7-1
  15. Oklahoma 7-1
  16. Toledo 7-0
  17. Memphis 8-0
  18. Houston 8-0
  19. Ole Miss 7-2
  20. Michigan 6-2
  21. UCLA 6-2
  22. Duke 6-2
  23. Texas A&M 6-2
  24. Temple 7-1
  25. TIE UNC 7-1 and Penn State 7-2

WEEK 10 College Football Key Games:

Minnesota @ #1 Ohio State

#2 Baylor @ Kansas State

#4 LSU @ #3 Alabama

#14 FSU @ #5 Clemson

#6 TCU @ #11 Oklahoma State

#7 Michigan State @ Nebraska

#8 Stanford @ Cal

#9 Utah @ Washington

#10 ND @ Pitt

Other key games include: Auburn @ #23 Texas A&M, #22 Duke @ #25 UNC, Vandy @ #12 Florida, Cincy @ #18 Houston, #13 Iowa @ Indiana, Navy @ #17 Memphis, Arkansas @ #19 Ole Miss, #25 Penn State @ Northwestern, #24 Temple @ SMU, and #21 UCLA @ Oregon State

This is the week we have been waiting for! Talk about Showdown Saturday, this is the one. 11 undefeated teams dot the Top 25. How many of them will go down? Someone has to lose between LSU and ‘Bama. Which team falls between OK State and TCU? Baylor, without starting QB Seth Russell could fall at K State. FSU could go into the other Death Valley and stun Clem-and-Son. ND could go to Pitt and have their Final 4 hopes dashed. Minnesota, playing on guts and determination, could go to The Horseshoe and trip up a rocked OSU program. Navy is never a fun team to play against. Memphis could look past them as road games with Houston and Temple are next up. Utah going to Washington? No picnic there! Michigan State has the easiest game of all in the Top 10 but they may be in for a rude awakening in front of a sea of red!

And this is just the beginning boys and girls of a wild finish to one of the greatest years in the history of college football! It’s going to be crazy on Tuesday night (ESPN) when the CFP committee unveils their first Final 4 selection. Will Saturday’s games rock the Top 10? Get the antacid pills ready and lace ’em up tight, we are in for a helluva ride!

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