College Football 2015 – Recapping Week 10…Separation Saturday

Since the finish of week 9 in college football, all of the Talking Heads have referred to week 10 as…Separation Saturday. There was #1 Clemson vs. #16 FSU, #2 LSU vs. #4 Alabama, and #8 TCU vs. #14 Oklahoma State. On top of those powerhouse games, the schedule was dotted with other great and impactful games. Well, for once, they all lived up to the hype! All we heard on talk radio this week was how some teams got screwed in the initial CFP rankings that came out on Tuesday.

Nobody got screwed, there are a few weeks to go and it will play itself out. There is a bias towards the SEC they said!  Callers said the committee is out to get the Big 12 because they don’t have a conference championship game! No one outside of the Power 5 conferences has a chance was a big topic! Shut up and play! Newsflash…Alabama is the best team in the country as proven last night with their dominance over LSU.

Baylor squeaks by an average K State team. TCU gets throttled by OK State. Weren’t Baylor and TCU the 2 best teams ion the conference? Memphis was screaming for respect after going 8-0 and beating Ole Miss. Navy blasted Memphis yesterday and we don’t have to listen to the Tiger fans anymore! Didn’t I say last week that Memphis better not look past the Midshipman???

So where are we today? After yesterday’s big win over FSU, Clemson should remain #1. FSU got off to a quick start and looked like they may ruin Clemson’s bid for a perfect season. But this is a different bunch under Dabo. The Tigers hung in there and clawed their way to another victory. With the easiest path to the Final 4, Clemson is poised to win out and remain #1. All eyes were focused on the annual SEC slug-fest between Western Conference foes LSU and Alabama. #2 vs #4. Heisman hopeful Fournette vs. Heisman hopeful Henry. Miles vs. Saban. Hogs up front vs. hogs up front. In the end, it was a dominating performance by the Tide as they held Heisman front runner Leonard Fournette to just 31 yards on 19 carries. Henry, Drake, and a little Coker were just too much for the Tigers.  Ohio State, in the midst of another controversy, hung on to trip up a game team from Minnesota. Back up QB Cardale Jones scampers on a late TD run to spoil the Gopher bid for an upset. Notre Dame goes on the road and runs wild over a tough Pitt team. On Tuesday night (ESPN @ 7:00 PM), we should see Clemson #1, Alabama #2, Ohio State #3, and Notre Dame #4.

Tell me we didn’t have ANOTHER miracle finish? For the 4th week in a row, another game ends with a miracle play. First it was Michigan vs. Michigan State. Then it was Georgia Tech vs. FSU. Last week it was Miami and Duke. Yesterday, we saw Arkansas heave a blind lateral that put them in position to end end Ole Miss’s season. A TD and shocking 2 point conversion as the Hogs rally to beat the Rebels! And then what about the Cornshuckers winning TD vs. Michigan State? The Blackshirts are in the midst of their worst season in recent memory (although just narrowly losing 4 games) and score two late TD’s to beat Sparty. Sparty has dodged a bullet for weeks now and a late forced out of bounds TD catch put Nebraska in position to win. A poor decision to squib kick the ensuing kick off almost cost Big Red. How about blasting it out of the end zone and forcing a team to go 75 yards instead of giving them a short field with a chance to kick a game winning FG? Toledo…Nice run but your chance of a big payday is now gone. Want to talk about escaping and saving your season? Go to Florida and the Swamp where the Gators just got by Vandy on a late 43 yard FG. I think 99% of the fans (and the team) didn’t think they could make that final field goal! Duke – screwed last week, destroyed this week! UNC, #1 in college hoops. Been there, done that. But what about their football team? Winners of 8 straight after losing to the real Carolina (South that is), the Tar Heels have fast become the George Jefferson’s of college football (movin’ on up). We could be heading towards a Clemson vs. UNC ACC championship game! Huge performance of the day? Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer, playing for the injured Malik Zaire, turned in a Heisman like performance at Pitt yesterday as he accounted for 6 TD’s – 5 passing and 1 rushing. He certainly is not in the mix – that belongs to Fournette, Henry, and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey, but he has given the Irish everything they need to stay in Final Four contention. Could the Big 12 now be decided between the November 28 match up between Oklahoma State and Oklahoma? I can’t see Baylor getting past Oklahoma, OK State, TCU, and Texas over the next 4 weeks. OK State is for real and should come in at #5 on Tuesday night.

A To Z Top 25:

  1. Clemson 9-0
  2. Alabama 8-1
  3. Ohio State 9-0
  4. Notre Dame 8-1
  5. Oklahoma State 9-0
  6. Stanford 8-1
  7. Baylor 8-0
  8. Iowa 9-0
  9. LSU 7-1
  10. Florida 8-1
  11. Oklahoma 8-1
  12. Utah 8-1
  13. TCU 8-1
  14. Michigan State 8-1
  15. Houston 9-0
  16. Michigan 7-2
  17. UCLA 7-2
  18. Temple 8-1
  19. FSU 7-2
  20. Mississippi State 7-2
  21. UNC 8-1
  22. Northwestern 7-2
  23. Memphis 8-1
  24. Ole Miss 7-3
  25. Wisconsin 8-2

WEEK 11 Key Games:

#1 Clemson @ Syracuse

#2 Alabama @ #20 Mississippi State

#3 Ohio State @ Illinois

Wake Forest @ #4 Notre Dame

#5 Oklahoma State @ Iowa State

Oregon @ #6 Stanford

#11 Oklahoma @ #7 Baylor

Minnesota @ #8 Iowa

Arkansas @ #9 LSU

#10 Florida @ South Carolina

Other top games: #12 Utah @ Arizona, #19 FSU @ NC State, #16 Michigan @ Indiana, #23 Memphis @ #15 Houston, Miami @ #21 UNC, Maryland @ #14 Michigan State, Purdue @ #22 Northwestern, #18 Temple @ S. Florida, Kansas @ #13 TCU, and Washington State @ #17 UCLA.

If yesterday was “Separation Saturday”, what are going going to call the games of 11/14? Showdown Saturday? Elimination Saturday? Once again, something has got to give! How will the Tide respond after beating LSU? Going to Mississippi State will be a dog fight! HUGE game between Oklahoma and Baylor. Winner stays in the Final 4 mix and loser is eliminated. Although Oregon is not what they have been, Stanford better not look past the Ducks with Cal and ND on the horizon! Huge game in Baton Rouge with Arkansas coming to town. Game Day, I mean I, will be there for that one! Arkansas is doing their late season heroics again and it will be interesting to see how LSU responds after their tough loss to ‘Bama. When the smoke clears and the dust settles, after week 11 you will see Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, ND, OK State, Stanford, and Oklahoma as your Top 7. After that, that’s when the fun begins! Every Saturday becomes buy provigil cheap ELIMINATION Saturday!

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