PrinceHarry Reunites With Orphan Friend

Prince Harry Reunites with OrphanReunited! Shortly after touching down for a week-long tour of the Lesotho and South Africa, Prince Harry reunited with an old friend. Prince Harry paid an emotional visit to a 15-year-old orphan he befriended years ago, and the 2 have been close friends ever since.

Harry met Mutsu Postane in 2004, when he was just 4.  Mutsu’s parents had both died of AIDS, in an African country ravaged by the disease.

Back when Harry met Mutsu he opened an orphanage for children affected by HIV and AIDS.

The dining hall is named the Diana, Princess of Wales Hall. Read more Here

buy accutane in thailand Prince Harry Gossip News and Trivia:

  • Prince Harry is fourth in line to the British throne.
  • Prince Harry attended Eton College.
  • Prince Harry was named one of People Magazine’s “25 Most Intriguing People of 2001”.
  • Prince Harry has two private secretaries just to deal with his love letters.
  • Prince Harry is the nephew of Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Earl Charles Spencer, and Edward Wessex.
  • Prince Harry is the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
  • Prince Harry’s younger brother of Prince William Windsor.
  • Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.
  • Great-grandson of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (the Queen Mother).
  • Great-great-grandson of King George V and Queen Mary.
  • Great-great-great-grandson of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.
  • Great-great-great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
  • Prince Harry spent part of his gap year doing charity works in South Africa.
  • In June 2004, he  announced that he will be pursuing a military career and will be entering Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for officer’s training in January 2005.

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