College Football 2015 – Championship Saturday…The ACC Refs Blow it…AGAIN

College Football A to ZNo matter what or who you listened to this week, sports talk radio or ESPN, all the Talking Heads were hoping for chaos yesterday in the conference championship games.

I truly believe Joey Galloway and Danny Kanell of buy Lyrica australia ESPN wanted upsets just so they could criticize the Playoff Committee! Last night after the games they acted pissed that there were no upsets! Sorry boys…chalk ruled the day and you are going to have to find something POSITIVE to talk about today for 4 hours!

At noon today there should not be any mystery when the committee announces the Final Four – Clemson #1, Alabama #2, Oklahoma #3, and Michigan State #4. Oh sure, they could flip flop Oklahoma and Michigan State, but does it really matter?

Michigan State has struggled down the stretch in some of their wins and Oklahoma has dominated down the stretch in their wins. The bottom line is we are in for a fantastic Final 4 and #1 Clemson vs. #4 Michigan State and #2 Alabama vs. #3 Oklahoma are dream games and classic match ups. The speed and up tempo game of Clemson versus the tough smash mouth brand known as Sparty. The dominating defense of ‘Bama and grinding running attack vs. the dominating speed and creative offense of Boomer Sooner. You know what they say…Defense dominates this time of the year and if that’s the case, we should have Alabama playing Michigan State for all of the marbles. If that’s the scenario, ‘Bama and the SEC rule the college football world once again!

A lot of folks gave the UNC Tar Heels a punchers chance of tripping up the undefeated Clemson Tigers and knocking them out of the playoff picture. Watching that game was like watching a tennis match – back and forth, you score, I score. Every time Clemson scored, the Tar Heels came right back. It didn’t matter if they were down 10 or 14, Fedora’s bunch were fighting back. Just when you thought the Tigers had salted the game away, UNC scores with a little over 1 minute left…AND 3 timeouts in their pocket. After a perfect on side kick that the source link Heels recovered, the inept ACC officials called UNC off sides. Replay (TV) after replay should that every player was ON SIDES and the refs blew another game. We will never know if UNC could have scored a TD and made the 2 point conversion to send the game into OT but the reality is the officials made another critical mistake in a critical situation much like they did in the Duke-Miami game earlier in the season. Had they been able to review the call, the flag would have been picked up and UNC would have been in position to… ??? If that happened, Galloway and Kanell would be screaming for UNC to get in the Final 4, Ohio State to get in the Final 4, and Stanford to get in the Final 4. Those 2 would be giddy like a bunch of school girls criticizing every decision the committee made!

There were a lot of big time individual performances yesterday on the biggest stage of the year. The Heisman rankings should have been finalized with Derrick Henry (RB from Alabama) winning it followed by record setting Christian McCaffrey (RB/all purpose from Stanford) and DeShaun Watson (QB from Clemson). The Coach of the Year award is much more difficult with Kirk Ferentz (Iowa), Brian Kelly (ND), and Dabo Swinney (Clemson) the top and deserving candidates.

A To Z Top 25:

  1. Clemson 13-0
  2. Alabama 12-1
  3. Oklahoma 11-1
  4. Michigan State 12-1
  5. Stanford 11-2
  6. Ohio State 11-1
  7. Iowa 12-1
  8. Notre Dame 10-2
  9. FSU 10-2
  10. Ole Miss 9-3
  11. TCU 10-2
  12. UNC 11-2
  13. Northwestern 10-2
  14. Oregon 9-3
  15. Michigan 9-3
  16. Baylor 9-3
  17. Oklahoma State 10-2
  18. Houston 12-1
  19. LSU 8-3
  20. Navy 9-2
  21. Florida 10-3
  22. Utah 9-3
  23. Tennessee 8-4
  24. UCLA 8-4
  25. Temple 10-3

With just 1 game left, Army – Navy this Saturday, we now anxiously await the committee announcement of the Final 4 in a few hours. It shouldn’t be a surprise and then we will get the glut of bowl match ups. After the Final 4, we are set up for a few tremendous bowl games. Some of the potential games (all speculation at this point) include: Auburn-Memphis, LSU-Texas Tech, Miss State-Va. Tech, Louisville-Texas A&M, USC-Wisconsin, FSU-Iowa, Northwestern-Tennessee, Florida-Michigan, Ohio State-Notre Dame, Ohio State-Stanford, Oklahoma State- Ole Miss, and Oregon-TCU. Stay tuned…we will hear it all at noon today!

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