College Football 2015…Where Is The Controversy???

College Football Drama

Geez…talk about Purchase Tastylia Online No Prescription college football and a ho-hum ending to an electric season! Everything has just fallen into place and there is nothing to piss and moan about. Everyone wanted upsets on read this Conference Championship Saturday – that didn’t happen – chalk ruled the day. There were like 14 major coaching vacancies and everyone from Brian Kelly, to Chip Kelly, to even R. Kelly (that’s rapper R. Kelly is case you didn’t know) were mentioned to be on the move. Again, nothing dramatic happened and slots got filled with little to no fanfare. Yesterday, Navy beat Army for the 14th time in a row…no drama there, and in the nightcap, Alabama RB Derrick Henry won the Heisman…as expected.

So for all of the craziness that dominated the sport all season, the ending didn’t live up to the regular season. What did happen is finally the 4 best teams did surface. Clemson, Alabama, Michigan State, and Oklahoma proved on the field that they are the best and most deserving teams to play for all of the marbles! Injuries took a toll on some (Notre Dame and Baylor), personal glorification ruined others (Ohio State), and poor scheduling (North Carolina) cost teams a shot to be in the playoffs. Now that the dust has settled, the cries go out for an 8 team playoff system. How awesome would that be? Although I would like to see it, a piece of me says 4 teams are enough and if we get to a 14, 15, 16 game season, what’s next? Having to pay these athletes? Does big time college football then become a “minor league” for the NFL? Their season would be from July to February. When would you have time to be a”student-athlete”? There are a ton of things that need to get fixed buy canibus Lyrical law BEFORE we get to a 8 team playoff. How about everyone being in a conference? How about every conference having a playoff? What about every team playing the same number of games? How about balancing schedules and quit having powers play the Little Sisters Of The Poor?

With all of the coaching moves that transpired, the one that I find the most ironic is Mark Richt to Miami. The religious with the renegades. The preacher and the prisoners. The holy roller with the holly hellers. Somehow, as crazy as this looks, it may work. The problem is that no one really cares about Miami football anymore. They play in a half filled stadium an hour away from campus. Good luck Mark, you are going to need it! I am very disappointed in South Carolina’s choice of Will Muschamp to replace the ‘Ole Ball Coach. What has he done to deserve this second chance? He failed miserably at Florida as their HC. As the DC at Auburn this year, he didn’t do a whole lot (except look like a crazed wild man out of control in the Iron Bowl). AD Ray Tanner better get this right or he will soon be out the door. The baseball team has fallen terribly since winning back to back NCAA titles a few years ago and now the football is headed on a downward spiral. What the hell happened in Baton Rouge? Talk about a fiasco! Les is a bum! Les has to go! All kinds of names being thrown out there to replace the fired Miles after LSU loses to Texas A&M! The newspapers, media, and talk radio were all over this story. Then all of a sudden, everyone was singing Kumbaya and Les was getting an adamant vote of confidence by AD Joe Alleva! I guess they do things differently down on the Bayou! Note to Les…Hire an offensive genius, let him do his job, and close the doors to Louisiana to all other schools! Louisiana is a hot bed for recruiting and none of those kids should be leaving the state. And 1 more thing…get a QB! If Ohio State and Baylor have 3, why can’t you (AND Alabama) get 1???

We all know the 4 teams in the playoffs, but, what about some of the other great bowl games? There are going to be some terrific match ups this year! Notre Dame vs. Ohio State. Stanford vs. Iowa. UNC versus Baylor. TCU and Oregon. OK State and Ole Miss. Bowl Season kicks off next Saturday (12/19) with a prolific, gargantuan clash between Alcorn State and North Carolina A&T. I’ll be on the edge of my seat (or sleeping in my recliner) for that one!

Seriously, we are in store for a great post season and even if there are a LOT of meaningless games (to us), those games are a reward to these fine young men that we yell and scream for each and every Saturday. For most of them, this is their final chance to wear their school colors and put on the uniform for the last time. Only a handful will ever have a chance to play in the NFL and they will cherish this last game, embrace the life long friendships they have developed, and remember this game for the rest of their lives!

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