Trent Harmon Wins the Idol

Trent Harmon Winner of American Idol Trent Harmon is the 15th and final “American Idol” winner.

In case you missed it source site ….“American Idol” went out big Thursday night! Trent HarmonĀ  and it is estimated that 13.3 million viewers tuned in to the finale of the long-running singing competition series,

Mississippi farm boy Trent Harmon, 25, was just crowned the last “American Idol,” stunning a crowd that believedĀ La’Porsha Renae was the favorite.

The 25-year-old Harmon worked as a waiter at his family’s restaurant before auditioning for the show. He grew up on a farm and described himself as a “dude from Mississippi,” from the town of Amory.

Harmon, whose supple voice won over viewers, said on Wednesday’s show that his persistence made him believe he had a shot at winning.

The 22-year-old runner-up, Renae, is a single mother who overcame domestic abuse to compete. She’s also from Mississippi.

“American Idol,” once a ratings powerhouse that influenced TV and music, had suffered steady audience erosion before Fox decided it would end this season.

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