Engaged! Egor Tarabasov and Lindsay Lohan

Engaged Lindsay Lohan

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Oh please……Say it isn’t so!

According to http://haciendaparrillaalta.com/vinos-de-la-tierra-de-cadiz-tienda/ TMZ.com Lindsay was showing off the huge rock which appeared to be an emerald in a diamond setting.

Lohan, 29, and her  fiancé,  Egor Tarabasov, 22, were seen  hanging with Michael and Dina Lohan at Tuesday night’s Duran Duran concert in Brooklyn.

Egor and Lindsay met  in London through a mutual friend.  They’ve been dating for 5-months.

More about Egor Tarabasov

Egor Tarabasov, Lohans beau-fiance is part of Russia’s wealthy elite and owns his own UK business, according to reports by Russian magazines.

Lindsay got engaged over the weekend to the 22-year-old Russian heir after dating for 5 months.

  • Age- 22 years
  • Nationality- Russian
  • Relationship with- Lindsay Lohan
  • Occupation- Businessman and Owner of real estate company
  • Lives in- London
  • Father- Dmitry Tarabasov
  • Net worth- Millionaire
Lindsay Lohan ~ Quotes

Life is full of risks anyway; why not take them?

I write a lot of lyrics and I’m involved in the producing process, because it’s like, if I’m singing it, I want it to be something that I can relate to.

If I can change bodies with anyone, it would be Britney Spears because how can you not like Britney Spears?

I am happy being able to play roles with people my age because once you do something really mature there is no turning back.

I don’t like to talk about politics. If you say you’re a Democrat, that’ll turn off Republicans, and that’s half of your fan base.

When I’m walking down the red carpet and everybody is screaming my name, all I’m doing is worrying that they’re thinking, like, “Oh, she didn’t wave at me, she’s such a bitch!”.

I’ll probably pursue doing more movies but not horror movies or movies with killers in them. I’ll try to stick to happy movies. I want to act and direct like Jodie Foster. I admire her because she went to college and she is still doing the same thing.

It’s flattering that people want to know so much about me and want to take the time to make up that many things about me.

I don’t want to keep doing all commercial stuff. But timing is everything. I got this one script where this girl wants to join a Latino gang and she gets raped. I can’t be doing that right now. I don’t think that’s appropriate.

But I’m not going to go and lose my virginity in a movie, yet, because the second I do that, you can’t go back. That makes me much older in terms of film and on the screen.

Girls my age dress so much raunchier than I’d ever imagine myself dressing. I understand that I’m a role model, though, and I have to look out for that. I have a 10-year-old sister, too. But you also want to be appealing to guys and stuff, that’s just something girls feel. It’s hard. You want to be that girl that’s unattainable to all the guys because there are so many other girls out there that are like that.

People go to college to find who they are as a person and find what they want to do in life, and I kind of already know that so it would be like I’d be taking a step back or something.

Say no more than yes, and just make sure you surround yourself with good people.

I was sick. I had people sit me down and say, “You’re going to die if you don’t take care of yourself.”.

Because I’m so much in the spotlight, people lose sight of why I’m in the industry. In fact, I’m doing all this because I love to act. I love to perform, to sing.

I go out because it’s a release. Going out for me is about seeing my friends and not working. Being seen is just something that comes along with it.

I hate it when people call me a teen queen. The past year has felt like five lifetimes because I’ve grown up a lot.

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