American Express Sues Charlie Sheen

American Express Sues Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is seriously in the negative when it comes to his American Express Card.

The troubled actor’s lack of financial responsibility has landed him “right smack dab” in the middle of a lawsuit!

According to the is generic viagra as good as viagra viagra and duration buy cialis with priligy viagra malfunction how to write an introduction for thesis cialis clinical trial life skills essay viagra generic scam go here 300 mg viagra how to write the essay viagra and facial numbness ONLINE PHARMACY VIAGRA GENERIC follow site great depression thesis go to link get link buy persuasive essay online go here research papers for sale mla go how to order antibiotics online no prescription cialis in the system celebrity gossip website, Sheen is being sued buy the credit card company for an outstanding balance of $287,879.28. This balance includes $8,357.69 just in late fees!

According to the docs, the bill should have been paid by March 12, but Charlie remains in arrears.

TMZ reportedly reached out to Sheen who told them, “If I was American Express, I’d be suing me too!!” He’s blaming an ex business manager for the lapse.

American Express and Absurd Celebrity Lawsuits:

Mila Kunis

Now we have to admit, this is by far the most absurd lawsuit we have ever heard of. Not sure, if you know about this celebrity lawsuits mila kunasbut here’s how Mila Kunis got sued for stealing a chicken! Her childhood best friend, Kristin Karo alleged Mila of stealing her pet chicken back when they were way younger. We already cannot believe this to even be real!

Karo said that the two, Mila and her were inseparable and best friends during school days. Karo’s family were in the poultry business and had loads of chickens to play with.

One particular chicken called “Doggie” was their favorite. As Doggie was with Kristina, Mila would go there to play after school hours. One day, the chicken went missing and Mila accepted that she took it, a few days after. Mila told Karo that she could have any chicken (other than Doggie) as a pet as she (Karo) owned an entire farm. Kristina said that she went into depression after that, which sent her into therapy! Mila then left for LA to pursue her acting career. Karo eventually moved to LA as well to fulfill her dream as a singer. Her proximity with Kunis sent her back into depression and reminded her of Doggie! She sued Kunis for a generous amount of $5000 saying that the shrink’s bills and other expenses were getting too high for her. Seriously, are we the only ones who think that makes no sense at all?

Michael Jordon vs Allen Heck

Another unbelievable lawsuit ever to be filed is this one. With the most unrealistic reason ever, Allen Heck who is also celebrity lawsuits michael jordanan African-American like Michael Jordan sued the basketball player for looking like him! He too has a bald head and wears large earrings, like Jordan. He claimed that numerous and random people would approach him asking if he was Michael Jordan himself. Allen was supposedly tired of being asked that multiple times and filed a lawsuit under the pretext of defamation, permanent mental injury and emotional pain. He claims to be suffering from this problem as he was tired of people asking him the same question over and over again. The madness doesn’t just end here; he even involved Nike in this lawsuit saying that it was the brand’s fault for making Jordan famous worldwide. Now, although they may have had some facial resemblance, Allen was at least 6 inches shorter than Michael which is a trait strong enough to prove this allegation wrong. So as per our understanding, if we look like someone and are often referred to as their doppelganger, we can sue them. Wow. Anyway, the total amount claimed by Allen summed to $832 million, which meant, he was expecting $416 million per party? It is said that he later dropped the lawsuit without really stating why he did so. Well Allen, we don’t know what you were trying there but let’s be little realistic, right?

Rob Delaney vs Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Celebrity Lawsuits Kim Kardashian American ExpressKim Kardashian had married Kris Humphries during the peak of their famous reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Rob Delaney is an American, stand-up comedian. After news of their divorce came up (within 72 days of the marriage), Rob Delaney decided to sue them if they did go ahead with the divorce. Although, Rob’s reasoning is not all that absurd, we don’t really see the point of fighting it. According to him, the episodes of the show or the marriage didn’t really bother him. He was more bothered with the promotion of the scam marriage, billboards all over the world and biking advertisers. He also targeted TMZ for promoting a scam wedding for a huge amount of money. TMZ very obviously thought of getting Kim married to increase the TRP and hike up the total earnings of the show. He accused them up for putting up a fake marriage and treating the general public like fools. According to Rob, the whole scam also involved the signing of a pre-nup and a non-disclosure agreement. He thinks that Kris Humphries must have been threatened that if he told anybody of the set-up, there would be consequences.
Ryan Seacrest, the executive producer of the show had to get involved as the charges against TMZ was targeted towards him. Rob said that he was certain that Kim got paid $18 million to participate in this fake wedding. According to Rob, that money could have been used for many beneficial purposes like putting up for schools for the poor, donation and many other methods in which that kind of an amount would have ACTUALLY made a difference. Now, that’s where we agree with you Rob.

Elvis Presley vs Fort Worth

celebrity-lawsuits-elvis-presleyWhen a singer dies and goes away, many of their fans mourn the fact that maybe they went away too soon. Elvis Presley, who was known as The King back then, was one such noted singer whose death was widely taken note of. With brilliant music in his name and increasing fans around the world, it seemed like nothing could stop him then. His demise hit the music industry in the worst manner and the world lost its pioneer of good, quality music. After his death, there were multiple talks about how it was a scam or it was fake and a cover up to protect himself from the mafia or the government. Some even said that he was an alien and had returned home! Many said that they had proof of these controversies.

In this case, nothing can really be of a bigger proof than talking to the man himself. Now that’s exactly what a man from Fort Worth, Texas claimed had happened. He claimed that not only had Elvis called him but he had done it so many times that it was causing emotional stress to that individual! He also claimed that it was increasing his phone bill. He added that it had caused him too much stress and pain and that he had no other choice but to sue Elvis’s estate for his suffering and damages. Way to go buddy, you have put across one of the most absurd lawsuits in our list. No news on the outcome of this paranormal situation is known.

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