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Gary Radnich KRON Humiliates Co-Anchor

Gary Radnich Sports Anchor

On May 2, try this site Gary Radnich started to read a story about LeBron James starring in Space Jam, but got stuck on the fact Heenan had already done the story.

“How long we been friends? 23 years,” Radnich said to Heenan.

“I didn’t know you were going to do it,” Heenan replied.

Radnich asked Heenan about Steph Curry’s knee then basically ripped her for reporting sports even though he said “she’s stayed at my mother’s home.” At one point he said he stayed in his lane and didn’t report news, inferring she should follow suit..

“Hard to be mad at Catherine,” said Radnich. “She’s a good friend of my moms.”

Saturday, Radnich tried to explain. “Wow! I must be a good actor,” he wrote on Facebook. “All this feedback from people who thought I was mad. Please watch again. I’m playing!” More about Gary Radnich:

Broadcasting career

Called “The biggest name in Bay Area Broadcasting” by Ann Killion of the San Jose Mercury News, Gary Radnich has been sports director at KRON-TV since 1985, and has been a talk show host at KNBR radio since 1992. He started his broadcast career at KVVU in Henderson, Nevada. From there, were stints at KTXL in Sacramento, California and KMPH-TV in Fresno, California. From 1982-1985, Radnich served as the sports director at WBNS-TV in Columbus, Ohio, where he also called Ohio State Buckeyes football games. His radio program runs from 9 a.m. to noon.

On KRON, Radnich hosts “The World According to Gary” (a pun on The World According to Garp).

ivermectina larva migrans Personal life

Radnich lives in San Francisco with his wife, former KRON producer Alicia Radnich. Together they host a Friday night “Letters to the Editor” segment at KRON. They have three children, Jolie, Isabella and Spencer. Radnich also has three grown children, Kelly, Douglas and Stephanie.

His mother, Evelyn, was featured on ABC’s Nightline, in a show about retirement communities.

In 2010 Radnich was inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame. He has been honored three times by Associated Press, for the Best Television Sports cast in California.

In 2006 and 2007, the SF Weekly named Radnich “Best Sportscaster”, noting that his broadcasts are “spontaneous” and that he “knows sports”.

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