Which Stars are Secret Gamblers?

Stars who love to gamble

Although we’re more used to seeing our favorite celebrities on the red carpet and in some seriously glamorous nightclubs, it seems that some of our stars like to chill out with some video games too.

In a way it’s no real surprise because at the end of the day our celebrities are only human…so here’s a look at which of our stars can be found battling at their consoles!

Seeing as the Warcraft movie is one of the biggest surprise blockbusters of the summer, it’s only fair that Black Swan actress Mila Kunis has made no secret of her love of World of Warcraft .

The groundbreaking MMORPG has also reportedly snared the likes of Dave Chappelle, but even fairly straightforward shootemups have helped many of our stars enjoy their downtime.

In particular it’s the Halo series that’s proven to be a massive hit amongst our celebs with heartthrobs like Zac Efron and Megan Fox spending hours playing the violent shootemup game.

Unsurprisingly Justin Bieber has also mentioned that he enjoys playing Halo… and seeing as he’s been spotted hanging around the casinos , perhaps he should check out the exciting casino games at the Red Flush Casino site as the Canadian site is perfectly suited for the Ontario native who’ll be pleased to find many of his favorite blackjack and roulette games here.

Some of our more mature celebrities have shown themselves to be not averse to the occasional video game with Michael Fassbender reportedly enjoying Assassin’s Creed so much that he’s even put work into creating an Assassin’s Creed movie that’s set to drop later this year!

And Hollywood bad boy Ben Affleck has also revealed himself to be more of a vintage gamer as he’s reportedly spent thousands of dollars playing casino games. And who knows how much time and stress he would have saved himself by simply visiting the Red Flush Casino site on his cellphone rather than spending his money traveling around the country.

But seeing as Affleck has recently been banned from playing blackjack, we may see him spending time playing more online games such as the ones at the Red Flush Casino site…or another option could be the he’ll just join the likes of Jessica Alba who’s reportedly spent serious time on her Nintendo DS playing Brain Age!

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