Lady Gaga Pulled Over in Malibu

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With just a few weeks of driving behind the wheel, Lady Gaga has already experienced the pressure of  those flashing blue lights in your rear view….The ones you see just before getting pulled over by the police.

Lady Gaga was reportedly driving a red Ford pickup on the PHC in Malibu,  yesterday when she  was reportedly stopped.

Lady Gaga Malibu PHC

According to, It’s unclear exactly what Gaga did to warrant the stop.  The celebrity gossip website also reported that things didn’t seem to get too serious.

The 30-year-old pop superstar announced in June, that  she passed her road test in California.  She has been driving for “years with a learner’s permit” and with “an adult present.”

Barbara Streisand is a living legend as well as a New York City icon, which is why it’s not too surprising that she does not drive. There was one point in Streisand’s life where she did drive, but that was way, way in the past. She has been reported stating that she can’t even remember the last time she drove but she think it is was somewhere around 1986. Her license is more than expired, but who cares about having a license when you are Barbra Streisand. She can go wherever she wants, however she wants, while always managing to be fabulous!

Robbie Williams revealed in 2011 that he doesn’t know how to drive. The London native says he never learned because in London a lot of people don’t drive due to the traffic. Now that he lives in LA, he depends on taxis and Uber. Although that may seem like a bright idea of his, he really should learn how to drive, seeing that LA is not a place where you can get around as easily as somewhere like New York City. Although Williams does not drive, he has always been fascinated by cars and is a big fan of Formula 1.

Kate Beckinsale seems like she could do it all and always looks so good while doing it. Actress, mother and model, she is a jack-of-all-trades. Beckinsale who is of English descent, actually can’t drive – never has and most probably never will. There was a time when she really wanted to get her license, however after failing her written driving test she got discouraged and gave up. Beckinsale’s daughter who is just a teenager has more experience than her behind the wheel! It’s okay, Kate, you are gorgeous and talented…you don’t need to know how to drive.

So Tina Fey did have a license once upon a time, when she lived in Pennsylvania. However, when she moved to the Big Apple she decided to sell her car for extra cash. Technically Fey can drive, she just never renewed her license, making it illegal for her to drive. The forty-three-year-old comedian claims that she has legitimately forgotten how to drive a car. Although we are confident that Fey could figure out what to do behind the wheel, we’re not sure that is the smartest of ideas. Perhaps it’s better for everyone if Fey just stays off the road.  Continued Here

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