Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Dine in NYC

Blake Shelton and GwenStefani Dining NYC

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The couple, of eight months, were seen dining at Trattoria Dell’Arte in Midtown Manhattan.

According to the celebrity gossip website,  they ordered a 2011 bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet, which goes for $140 with dinner.

As for food, he got veal chop parmigiana and she got the dover sole.


Top Ten Celeb Favorite Places to eat:

1) ABC Kitchen: The ABC stands for “Always Bursting w/ Celebrities.” Who would have thought that vegetable toast would be such a hit with the rich and famous? Notable A-listers that have recently dined here include: Katy Perry, Russell Brand, Meg Ryan, Stanley Tucci, and even Kanye West, who must like it because it’s in a home furnishings store.
2) The Lion: In a few months, the celebs will no doubt migrate uptown to John Delucie’s forthcoming restaurant Crown, but right now, they’re still boozing and schmoozing at The Lion. They’re always in the back room, where there’s tons of expensive junk on the walls, and high ceilings to catch all the applewood bacon-smoke from that pork chop. Recently, Madonna, Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, Jim Carrey and A-Rod all had dinner here.
3) Minetta Tavern: The famous people are usually stashed away in the back room at Minetta Tavern, where the light is just a bit softer, and the steaks are 10% juicier. For proof of its celeb haunt status, just check out this sick photo from a recent Keith McNally profile — in the back, that’s Jerry Seinfeld, George Stephanopoulos, Brooke Shields and Jay McInerney, just hanging out.
4) Le Caprice: You might not see any Academy Award winners here, but you’re guaranteed to spot at least one person who’s won a BAFTA.
5) The Spotted Pig: The second floor is like Cheers, but for famous people. David Schwimmer is “Sam,” Courtney Love is “Carla,” Jay-Z is “Coach,” Michael Stipe is “Frasier,” Luke Wilson is “Woody” and Mario Batali is either “Norm” or “Cliff,” we’re not sure.
6) Michael’s: Michael’s just doesn’t pack in the A-listers like it used to, but some famous people still love this place. At lunch, you might see Janet Evonavich talking with her agent about her new Stephanie Plum sizzler, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb enjoying an early happy hour, or Kathy Griffin, asking her assistant why they couldn’t get a table at The Monkey Bar.
7) Brooklyn Diner: A restaurant that’s weirdly popular with celebs and tourists alike. When we chatted with longtime maitre d’ Alexis Reyes, he told us that he has a few magic spots where he puts famous people, so that they’re basically hiding in plain sight. We have no idea how he does it, but Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Goldie Hawn, and Sir Paul McCartney are all huge fans of this place.
8) Il Mulino: An Italian clubhouse for famous dudes. President Obama and Bill Clinton had a much buzzed-about power lunch there in 2009, Vince Vaughn likes the pasta, and the guys from Gossip Girl enjoy blowing their CW cash on the pricey bottles of barolo.
9) Serendipity 3: Fun fact: Keith McNally worked as a busboy here when he first came to New York. Slightly less fun fact: this place is a total tourist trap that somehow still manages to attract scads of celebs, both of the Jersey Shore variety and the Katie Holmes sort. Maybe famous people just like gimmicky hot dogs. Who knows!
10) Bar Pitti: A model hangout. Maybe its outdoor seating, and situation on a busy thoroughfare remind them of the Champs-Élysées. For whatever reason, Heidi Klum, Beyonce, and the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit waifs all love it here.


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