College Football 2016 Countdown

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College Football 2013Anticipation coupled with excitement has left college football fans with a rush of adrenaline as they count down to the opening of the 2016-2017 season.

The official start of the NCAA 2016 college football season will kickoff at 10:00 pm, on Friday, Aug. 26., when California takes on Hawaii at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australia.

On Thursday September 01, is when the real excitement begins with 16 games on the slate.  Then on Friday, Sept. 2, there are 11 more games.

Odds makers have already started dishing out their latest sports betting tips, as the chomp at the bit to get the ball rolling. Sports analyst as well as armchair quarterbacks have begun predicting the road to the national championship and fans throughout the country are gearing up for all the college tailgating traditions in hopes that their team “goes all the way.”  Who knows what’s to come…but there’s one thing for sure….there will be lots of cheering in the end zone!  TOUCHDOWN!

See Week One College Football Schedule Here

Week One NCAA College Football

Schedule Week One

DateVisiting TeamHome teamTime
08/26/2016Hawaiivs.California10:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Ball Stvs.Georgia St
09/01/2016Mainevs.Connecticut7:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Tennessee-Martinvs.Cincinnati7:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Tulanevs.Wake Forest7:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Charlottevs.Louisville7:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Presbyterianvs.Central Michigan7:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Appalachian Stvs.Tennessee7:30 PM EDT
09/01/2016William & Maryvs.North Carolina St7:30 PM EDT
09/01/2016Indianavs.Florida International7:30 PM EDT
09/01/2016Ricevs.Western Kentucky8:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Weber Stvs.Utah St8:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016South Carolinavs.Vanderbilt8:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Southern Utahvs.Utah8:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016South Dakotavs.New Mexico9:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Montana Stvs.Idaho9:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Oregon Stvs.Minnesota9:00 PM EDT
09/01/2016Jackson Stvs.UNLV10:00 PM EDT
09/02/2016Austin Peayvs.Troy
09/02/2016Alabama Stvs.Texas-San Antonio

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