Video Usher Plays Ping Pong on 6th Avenue

Usher Plays Ping Pong NYC

Anyone who has experienced the 6th avenue traffic in midtown Manhattan around lunchtime know just how frustrating it can be.

That coupled with a ping pong table placed right smack dab in the middle of  the busy street and your sure to get lots of name calling and honks.

According to sources, around 2:30 p.m. on Thursday in New York City, can you buy Lyrica at walmart Usher and his paddling opponent Greg Yuna aka  Mr. Flawless “jeweler of the stars” took to the busy street for a quick match.

The onlookers and photographers seemed to enjoy the entertainment…however, those behind the wheel, eager to get wherever they were going  weren’t amused at all.

Video Here

VIDEO Usher and Mr. Flawless Play Ping Pong in the Streets

source link Warning…NSFW

can u buy accutane over the counter More About Mr. Flawless

On a November afternoon four years ago, Greg Yuna was tinkering with one of his uncle’s designs at a stark kiosk in Manhattan’s Diamond District. As the jewelers at the neighboring booths shot suspicious looks at the new young buck, Yuna complained to his uncle Mike Rubin about the 12-hour shift the day before. Then, through the crowd, Yuna spotted rap star 50 Cent.

Usher Engaged to Manager Grace Miguel

A roster of celebrity clientele flashed before his eyes.

“I saw potential,” Yuna, 32, tells The Post.

He didn’t act that day, but Yuna set to work designing, creating diamond rosary necklaces with Jewish stars and hamsa symbols. So, a few months later, when another star — boxer Floyd Mayweather — came strolling by the booth, the fast-talking Yuna introduced himself and turned on the charm.  Read full story here


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