Jennifer Tilly Calls Police Over Online Death Threats

Jennifer- tilly-calls-police
Jennifer Tilly is an actress who always attracts attention but recently she’s been getting some decidedly unwanted attention. Tilly contacted LA police to inform them that someone had tweeted a photo shopped picture of her head juxtaposed with a bloody knife. By itself this might simply have been a jokey reference to her roles in the Chucky films, she’s set to start filming Chucky 7 in South Africa, but the image was accompanied by the text “funny memes about the massacre in Orlando” and a specific threat, which used Tilly’s Twitter user name, “kill the aJtillathekilla2”. There were also other images of decapitation, together with a Portuguese caption about beheading women. The official police line is that the suspect is not operating from within the country and poses no immediate threat. Tilly, however, was certainly taking the threats seriously and told the police that she was concerned about her family’s
safety and this is from a woman who is not easily intimidated.

More Gossip News and Trivia About Jennifer Tilly
The star has been in the public eye since her Academy Award nomination for Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway back in 1994. Since then she’s done a wide range of critically acclaimed work on screen and on stage as well as developing a career as a highly sought after voice over artist. Take a look at her filmography and you’ll find
yourself wondering how she fits it all in, but of course that’s only half the story because she’s also one of the most successful celebrity poker players.
She was the winner of the 2005 World Series of Poker Ladies Event, beating six hundred other players to win the coveted bracelet. She followed that up by winning the WPT Ladies invitation, making her one of the few to win a WSOP bracelet and a WPT title. Her live tournament winnings are in excess of $900,000. It’s no wonder then that Tilly has become a female icon in a male dominated sport. Her pro-female poker player attitude is widely quoted, as she believes women are often underestimated in the professional poker world. There have been times when she’s even talked about dropping acting entirely so that she can concentrate on poker, but it seems for now Tilly can’t hang up her boots for the big screen just yet

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