Michael Kittrell Hollywood Hillbillies Transitioning

Michael Kittrell Hollywood Hillbillies

Michael Kittrell, who rose to reality star fame was as ‘Angry Ginger’ on “ next page Hollywood Hillbillies,” has a new name.

According to celebrity gossip websites, Kittrell is transitioning  and would prefer to be referenced by her new name…Claire.


Kittrell has reportedly been undergoing hormone therapy for several months.

read TMZ.com, spoke to her about going public, and the reality of her announcement she’s transgender.  Unfortunately many people will think this is just another  Internet stunt.

Hollywood Hillbillies Michael Kittrell

In the interview with TMZ, Claire says it would be “so “dark” for anyone to make a joke out of something so painful to so many people.”  She admitted that  her own grandmother isn’t fully buying this yet, but adds there was a good sign Tuesday get redirected here Mema‘s starting to come around.

About Hollywood Hillbillies:

Hollywood Hillbillies which airs on the REELZChannel, chronicles the hilarious antics of internet superstars Michael “The Angry Ginger” and his “Mema” as they trade in their simple country living in Georgia for the bright lights of Hollywood. With the fame and fortune from more than 150 million YouTube views, Michael, his grandma Mema, aunt Dee Dee, uncle “Big” John, and the rest of the clan are ready to take Hollywood by storm.

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