Dancing With the Stars Protestors Storm Stage Update

Lochte Protestors DWTS

Update: The two protestors who rushed  Ryan Lochte on “Dancing With the Stars“reportedly were seeking revenge against the swimmer for embarrassing Americans at the Olympics.

Lochte joined Season 23 of “Dancing With The Stars” after a spate of negative publicity he received for admitting he “over-exaggerated” claims that he and fellow swimmers were robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro.

ABC News reported that two men got on the ballroom dance floor and at least four other people yelled anti-Lochte chants.  “They were arrested on trespassing, this was a private person’s arrest as the security at the venue made the arrest.

According to TMZ.com, the men, 59-year-old Sam Sotoodeh and 25-year-old Barzeen Soroudi — who are related — explained their antics following their release from in jail Tuesday.

At they left the courthouse, they were still wearing their  “No Lochte” t shirts.

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