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UPDATE in the Kim Kardashian Robbed in Paris Saga

where do i buy antabuse Fiatfollowed Kim and Kanye

chloroquine brand names in india There are new developments in the Kim Kardashian robbed in Paris saga.

The men who stormed Kim Kardashian’s hotel room might have been tailing her for days according tabloids.

Footage has surfaced which shows a grey Fiat 500 trying to constantly cut in front of photographers and wanting to tailgate the car carrying Kim, her husband Kanye and her sister Kourtney through the French capital.

It comes as police believe Kim was tailed by two men in the days preceding her terrifying multi-million dollar robbery in Paris, sources close to the French police investigation have revealed.

The two men – described as ‘Caucasian’ and ‘North African’ – apparently posed as a plain clothed detective and as a photographer to gain vital ‘close surveillance’ information for robbery.

One even tried to gain access to the Kardashian’s exclusive apartment at Hotel Pourtales ahead of the raid in the early hours of Monday morning, investigators believe.

The gangsters – who spoke with French accents – have now become prime suspects in the multi-million dollar jewellery theft in which Kim Kardashian begged for her life with a gun at her head.

One man was seen acting suspiciously in the photography pack, right, while the other man posed as a detective to gain close access to the US personality at restaurant Ferdi on Thursday night, left.

What did they take?

The thieves stole more than NZ$14 million worth of jewelry. That includes a ring worth an estimated $6.23m, other items worth $7.7mand two cell phones.

As Reuters pointed out, Kardashian was not wearing the 15-carat diamond engagement ring Kanye West gave to her in 2013 when she returned to her Manhattan apartment.

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