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Crocodile Joins a Couple Frolicking in Zimbabwe Pool

Crocodile Jumps in Pool

A couple’s late night frolic in a lodge’s pool in Kariba Zimbabwe nearly turned into a blood bath after a crocodile suddenly leaps in to join them.

Terrifying footage captured the 6ft crocodile creep up on the unaware victims who were incredibly lucky to escape without any serious injuries. see url healthcare case study template enter site thesis proposal powerpoint slides help with essay writing for university where can i buy viagra in switzerland different cultural experience essay problem solving writers websites gb comprar cialis black free math homework help online chat solar system writing paper custom term paper writing service follow weight gain prednisone essay topics college resume accountant sample best definition essay editor sites for school write my essay cheap write my papers for me follow link Watch Video Footage Here

The man quickly jumps out of the pool leaving the woman fending off the huge reptile alone as it splashes around underwater.

About Crocodiles:

Crocodiles are large reptiles found in tropical regions of Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. They are members of the order Crocodilia, which also includes caimans, gharials and alligators.

There are 13 species of crocodiles, so there are many different sizes of crocodile. The smallest crocodile is the dwarf crocodile. It grows to about 5.6 feet (1.7 meters) in length and weighs 13 to 15 pounds (6 to 7 kilograms). The largest crocodile is the saltwater crocodile. The largest one ever found was 20.24 feet (6.17 m) long. They can weigh up to 2,000 pounds (907 kg).

Croc Attack Facts:

Croc attacks on humans are common in places where large crocodilians are native and human populations live. Only 6 of the 23 crocodilian species are considered dangerous to adult humans, and only individuals 2 metres (6.6 ft) in length or more represent a serious danger to humans, as smaller crocodiles are considered incapable of killing humans. However, even the smallest species can inflict painful bites requiring stitches. In addition, a small child may be of a similar size to the prey of some of the crocodilian species incapable of preying on adult humans.

The two species with the most well-known and documented reputation for preying on humans are the Nile croc and saltwater croc. Each year, hundreds of deadly attacks are attributed to the Nile crocodile in sub-Saharan Africa. In New Guinea, Borneo and the Solomon Islands attacks by saltwater crocodiles often occur. The mugger crocodile is also very dangerous to humans, killing many people in India every year. The American crocodile is considered to be less aggressive. Only a few (unverified) cases of American crocodiles fatally attacking humans have been reported.[1] The black caiman is also responsible for several recorded human fatalities every year within the Amazon basin and the surrounding regions. The American alligator is responsible for human fatalities, with most occurring in Florida.

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