Eric Trump Tweets Ballot Selfie It’s Illegal in New York

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Eric Trump was photographed peeking at Lara’s ballot paper, right, just moments after his father did the same across town. He also caused controversy later on Tuesday by posting a picture of his ballot on Twitter, which is illegal in New York.

Donald Trump was also pictured sneaking a glance at Melania’s vote as they made their selection just before 11am on Election Day, left.

Presumably neither Trump man was in any doubt at their spouses choice but the light-hearted pictures provided a moment of light relief at the end of one of the most divisive election battles in recent history.

The billionaire businessman and his wife were met with boos in their home city and then even louder shouts as they exited Manhattan’s Public School 59, just a few blocks from Trump Tower.

The reception was unsurprising given Manhattan is typically a Democratic stronghold – although a handful of Trump backers were also on hand to cheer on their nominee.

Eric also caused controversy later on Tuesday by posting a picture of his ballot on Twitter, inset.

It is illegal to take photos in the voting booth in New York and Trump later deleted the Tweet.

States where it’s illegial to take a picture of your ballot:

Taking a ballot selfie is illegal in at least 20 states. But whereas some states impose a fine against people who snap photos at the polls, Michigan has the most strict law against ballot selfies. The penalty for taking a photo of your ballot on Election Day in Michigan is losing your right to vote.

Here’s a list of where ballot selfies are definitely illegal is below:













New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

South Carolina

South Dakota



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