NFL Took Small Step Toward Recapturing Its Magic in Week 9

NFL Recapturing Its Magic in Week 9

The smallest Sunday games slate of this season had produced something that NFL was deeply lacking in the year 2016 campaign smiles.

There were odd moments when Chris Boswell of Pittsburgh’s whiffing on his fancy onside when kicking an attempt in the horrific fashion, where Oakland punter who is Marquette King started imitating the Denver all-star dance moves of linebacker Lambeau Field and Von Miller. NFL spread being invaded by squirrel, which delayed action within Indianapolis-Green Bay game thus making it to be one of the interesting ideas.

Kansas City had tight end with Travis Kelce turning the tables to the referees in an absurd fashion that was ejected subsequently by throwing on his towel at an official upon being flagged. In the whole process, Austin Powers was only thing missing and a shoe. This made it so special especially among those who wanted something entertaining when they visited the game.

The viral crowd also were amused after Cowboys and Giants did the Mannequin Challenge upon after winning in their respective games. This was something that stood out amazing after they started realizing that they had lost the game in the earliest day possible.

In addition, the best all exciting football news with 8 of 11 games that was decided by 8 points or something fewer was excellent. No contest did end more dramatically when Detroit who was wide receiver did Golden Tate by flipping himself into end zone for a game-winning touchdown right against Minnesota in the overtime. It was one of the best victories that was experienced during the period whenever they needed something excellent.

During an interview, Sherman did blamed NFLs for declining ratings on television following a heavy-handed league, which had really cracked down on the end-zone celebrations with other originality forms of individualism among its key players. In addition, the comments did come after the teammates of Shermans, Earl Thomas, got a fine for hugging jokingly an official in a Week 8 game at the New Orleans.

It is a game. This isn’t politics. This isn’t justice. It is just entertainment. Moreover, they are no longer allowing these players to entertain others. While many still do not know the reasons that might have caused these events to unfold, many understand the power of sports especially when talking to fans.

What is going on now?

Injuries as well as suspension have now kept some crucial NFLs best players, like Tom Brady who is New England quarterback, Adrian Peterson who is Minnesota running back and J.J. Watt (Houston defensive) on the sidelines for most parts of the season when trying to recover whenever they are dealing with these options.

League executives have now contended the ever going down television ratings that it will again rise once the two presidential candidates; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battle end for the White House thus allowing viewers to be enthralled by football after the end of election coverage that come streaming back.

Either way one looks at it, many people are now transpired in the Week 9 making it a right step towards NFL recapturing the lost magic that was lost somewhere alongside the way in the year 2016.

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