Mother Kicks Son Out for Voting for Trump in Mock Election

Mom kicks son out voted trumpThe Texas mother who kicked out her son has been identified as   Tchenavia So’ Juicii Stalworth

A pathetic Texas mother is facing public scrutiny after she reportedly kicked her eight-year-old son out of the house because he “voted” for Donald Trump at a mock election at the school he attends.

She claims that she was teaching him a lesson.  Adding insult to injury, she recorded her son in tears and posted in on social media.

Watch Video Here

The video, is disgusting and has sent rage through out the country.  People are demanding an child services investigation.

Contact: 1-800-252-5400 Child Protective Services

The mothers name is: Tchenavia So’ Juicii Stalworth

It is unclear whether or not she left the young boy out on the street…however based on the boys reaction, it is clear that he was very distraught.

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