Donald Trump Dumps Press Entourage to Dine With Family

Trump 21 Club

Donald Trump broke with presidential protocol and ditched his press entourage to eat dinner with his family at famous New York steak house 21 Club Tuesday.

When “The Donald”  entered the restaurant, he was greeted with a standing ovation from diners.

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The mood was more bitter among the press pool that is employed to follow the President-elect everywhere, as they had been told that he would remain in Trump Tower overnight and they could go home.

Donald Trump Greeted

Then 45 minutes later, Trump – along with his wife Melania, daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner, son Eric and his wife Lara, son Don Jnr and his wife Vanessa and his youngest daughter Tiffany- left the tower in a massive motorcade, to dine in the very same restaurant where he enjoyed his wedding reception with Melania.

The episode highlighted the difficulties Trump and his team face as they put together a transitional government.

A spokeswoman for Trump said she wasn’t even ‘aware’ he was taking his family out to dinner tonight.

Donald Trump Archives:

Trump Steakhouse hit with 51 violations after officials find month-old caviar, expired yogurt!

A Las Vegas Strip restaurant bearing the initials of celebrity financier Donald Trump was briefly shut down after health inspectors found violations including month-old caviar and expired yogurt.

DJT, the signature steakhouse at the Trump International Hotel, reopened Nov. 2 with a restored “A” grade — several hours after Southern Nevada Health District officials logged 51 violations during a routine inspection.

Thirty violations merit a “C” grade, district spokeswoman Jennifer Sizemore said Friday.

Inspectors reported finding outdated, expired, unlabeled, mishandled and improperly stored food, according to a summary posted on the health district’s website. The closure was first reported by KTNV-TV as part of a “Dirty Dining” segment focused on area restaurants.

While ready-to-eat food can be stored for up to seven days, inspectors at DJT reported finding the old caviar and yogurt, duck that dated back to June, veal stock and tomato sauce that was almost two weeks old, and expired peanut dressing and black bean chili.

Inspectors found no measures to destroy parasites in undercooked halibut and salmon, and noted that raw tuna was being improperly thawed. Icicles were found in a faulty freezer.

A hotel marketing manager reported  that adjustments were made immediately, and delivering an exceptional experience to guests is a top priority.

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