College Football Championship…And Then There Were 2…

College Football Championship Clemson vs AlabamaAlthough we are sad that the 2016 – 2017 college football season is coming to a close, the country cannot wait for the Alabama – Clemson rematch on Monday night in Tampa.

source site Many of the Talking Heads had predicted from day 1 that this rematch would happen. The Tide and Tigers gave us a historic battle last year for the National Championship game and there is no reason why it won’t happen again. Explosive offense ( Clem-and-Son) vs. a stone wall defense (Alabama). Experienced Heisman candidate QB (Watson) vs. inexperienced freshman QB (Hurts). Legendary coach (Saban) vs. one of the finest young coaches in the country (Ya Ba Dabo).

Nick Saban and Dabo Sweeny College Football In all actuality, Clemson should not even be here. They survived 2 missed chip shot FG’s by NC State and hung on to win that one. Louisville should have beat the Tigers. Pitt did beat them – in Death Valley. Clemson could have been a 3 loss team that would have never been in the Final 4 consideration! But, they overcame all of those obstacles and ended up proving they are a Top 2 program. On the other hand, ‘Bama steamrolled teams, had a monumental comeback vs. Ole Miss, had a knock down drag out fight in the REAL Death Valley (that would be a night game in Baton Rouge), and established themselves as having one of the finest college defenses in history!

buy Lyrica online uk In the end, did the committee get it right? I think so and have no qualms with the process and their final 4 teams. Today, after all the bowl games are over, the best 4 teams may be Alabama, Clemson, USC, and Penn State. Oklahoma, a preseason Top 4 pick, may be #5 and on the outside looking in! We knew once the bowl match-ups were announced, that on paper, the USC-PSU Rose Bowl game could be the game of the year. Both teams were red hot to finish the year and if they kept their momentum, we would be in for a classic. Sure enough, the game lived up to the hype and leaves you thinking…what if there was an 8 team playoff???

One thing for sure – as always – the Big 10 was and always will be, OVERRATED! Why is this conference put on such a high pedestal? They play nobody, beat nobody, and yet were deemed the best conference in America. The conference had 2 good wins all year. The Luckeyes beat the Sooners early on (bet the wouldn’t want them today) and the Cheeseheads beat LSU in the season opener ( bet they wouldn’t want to play them today). The Little 10 went 3-7 in their bowl games. That just proves they can’t play out of conference or play with significant national teams. Yet, they persist on playing and beating Bowling Green, Idaho, Hawaii, and Ball State. Michigan can’t win outside the state of Michigan and Ohio State was an embarrassment against Clemson when the bright lights were on. And these 2 schools are the face of the conference!!! Iowa, last years conference darlings, squeaks by a pathetic Rutgers bunch, loses to a D1 school ( North Dakota State), and gets thrashed in their bowl game by an offensively challenged Florida Gator team. Nebraska can’t beat anybody – couldn’t win in the Big 12, can’t win in the Big 10, and ought to think about joining the MEAC Conference! Without question, the SEC is #1 and the ACC is #2. You can crack on the SEC all you want but had it not been for an injured QB in the Auburn game and 2 fumbles by South Carolina inside the 5 yard line, the SEC would have once again, had the most conference bowl wins. The ACC continues to win, win against top flight competition, and win when it matters most – the bright light national games. The difficult question is which conference is #3? Right now, it is impossible to pick between the Big 10, Big 12, and PAC 12. But make no mistake, the Big 10 is not #1 as many have said and certainly proved it this bowl season.

buy ventolin without prescription So what does the 2017-2018 season look like? Could it be a year of the Blue Bloods? Alabama, Clemson, USC, Oklahoma, LSU, Penn State, FSU, and Ohio State all look to be locked and loaded. Can Notre Dame shake off an embarrassing season that went south real fast? Will Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson keep Louisville in the upper echelon of college football? Can Mark Richt bring The “U” back to national supremacy? Does the Big 12 finally get it right and get a team in the Final 4? Has the savior finally arrived in Texas (Tom Herman)? Didn’t there used to be a national contender out west called the Oregon Ducks? Can the SEC East rebuild and match the dominance of the West? Or, will we have some surprise teams in the mix like Houston and Boise State. And lastly, the most important question…Has Lane Kiffin finally embarrassed himself enough so that he will be buried in South Florida and we will never hear from him again?

No matter what happens on Monday night, College Football is the greatest game in the land and we can’t wait to the new season kicks off. As they say down south, the year is divided into 3 seasons. No, not Spring, Summer, and Fall! Recruiting, Spring football, and the college football season!!!

BTW…Alabama over Clem-And-Son 27 to 24!

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