Miami News, Woman Runs Over Husbands Valentines day Encounter

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miami news woman arrestedNews: A Miami woman,  whose name is Kasheena Mordica,  has been arrested and charged to court for the attempted second-degree tried homicide and leaving the scene of an accident after she went “nuts” and severing of the leg of another lady.

According to news reports, Mordica walked in and found her husband in the arms of her thirty-two- years old husband, Marco Mack.  To add insult to injury…the confrontation took place on Valentines day.

Police, involved in the investigation say that the angry housewife  ran over a woman identified as Ashley Weatherspoon with her car.  Her leg was completely severed in the accident.

She was rushed to the hospital however, the doctors were not able to save her leg because there was too much  damage. 

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Mack, who is the cause of the incident was arrested by the Miami police on outstanding charges of burglary and grand theft.

News Update:  Mordica is currently out on bail, but Mack remains in jail.

The #unflippinbelievable news photos were so disturbing that we have chosen not to post them….you can see them here

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