Mandi Gosling, Ryan Gosling’s Sister Causes a Twitter Buzz Oscars

Mandi Gosling Attends Oscars with Ryan Gosling

Best supported actor, Ryan Gosling’s buxom Oscars date has finally been revealed!  It was his sister Mandi Gosling.

The 2017 Oscar Awards took place Sunday Night in Hollywood.  As expected…. besides all the winners….the glitz and glam also took center stage.

Meanwhile, actor Ryan Gosling, who arrived at the event with a buxom blonde in a low cut cleavage revealing gold gown.  Needless to say she caused a TWITTER buzz which left many wondering….

  1.  Who in the heck was she?
  2.   Where in the heck was his girlfriend Eva Mendez?

Here’s what we know…

  1.   Ryan’s date was his older sister Mandi Gosling.
  2.  As for Eva Mendes’ where-a bouts… the notoriously private couple haven’t attended a carpet event as a couple  in years.  Gosling doesn’t reference her by her name in any of his acceptance speeches. Intsead, her refers to her as  his “sweetheart” or “my lady.”  It would be safe to say that she and their two children are  supporting him behind the scenes from some unknown location.

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