Gossip News: Paris Jackson Holding Hands with Actor Trevor Donovan

Paris Jackson Gossip News

Hey Paris Jackson what are you doing with Trevor Donovan?

Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson is reportedly creating a buzz throughout the gossip tabloids sparking dating rumors after she was caught holding hands with “90210″ actor Trevor Donovan on Sunday.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Jackson, 19, and Donovan, who is  38 years her senior, were seen taking a hand held stroll in Pacific Palisades.

In response to all the gossip hoopla… Paris addressed the romance rumors, tweeting, “Y’all need to chill lol hand-holding is a very common thing.” The tweet has since been deleted.

Trevor Donovan Gossip News and Trivia:
Used to be in punk bands.
Graduated with a Bachelors Degree from The Art Institute of Los Angeles for Graphic Design.
Trevor won the 2011 CBS celebrity ski race in Deer Valley Utah on the opening day of the mountain. Trevor was there skiing with Bobby and Kerri Kennedy.
Trevor can ski, snowboard, sing and play the guitar very well.
Trevor has a bulldog named Tito Pequito Gordito.
Trevor Donovan was a Model.
Trevor’s real last name is Neubauer. German/Jewish.

Paris Jackson Interview

Paris Jackson turned 18 last April, and moment by moment, can come across as much older or much younger, having lived a life that’s veered between sheltered and agonizingly exposed. She is a pure child of the 21st century, with her mashed-up hippie-punk fashion sense (today she’s wearing a tie-dye button-down, jeggings and Converse high-tops) and boundary-free musical tastes (she’s decorated her sneakers with lyrics by Mötley Crüe and Arctic Monkeys; is obsessed with Alice Cooper – she calls him “bae” – and the singer-songwriter Butch Walker; loves Nirvana and Justin Bieber too). But she is, even more so, her father’s child. “Basically, as a person, she is who my dad is,” says her older brother, Prince Michael Jackson. “The only thing that’s different would be her age and her gender.” Paris is similar to Michael, he adds, “in all of her strengths, and almost all of her weaknesses as well. She’s very passionate. She is very emotional to the point where she can let emotion cloud her judgment.”  Read more here

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