Delta Airlines Boots Ann Coulter from her Upgraded Comfort+ Seat

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Ann Coulter flew into a fit of fury Saturday after Delta Airlines booted her from her reserved upgraded “Comfort+’’ seat and gave it to another passenger.

The Conservative columnist  purchased the $30.00 seat for her flight from New York-to-Florida flight because it had 3 additional inches of legroom.

Coulter shared her frustrations on Twitter quoting her exchange with a flight attendant: “Why are you taking me out of the extra room seat I specifically booked?’’ she asked.

Their answer, she said, was “I don’t know.’’

The 6-foot-tall Coulter, who is 55, tweeted a picture of the woman who got her aisle seat on the flight from LaGuardia to Florida, noting, “Delta didn’t give my extra room seat to an air marshal or tall person.’’

A top article Delta spokesman said it appeared Coulter was in the same extra-room row, just in a different seat. But he promised to look into it.

One Twitter user, clearly not a fan of the columnist, wrote. “Ann Coulter is having a bad day which makes my day better. Thanks Delta.”

Delta fires back at Ann Coulter after she rages about seat reassignment:

  • Delta Air Lines responded to Coulter, who said the airline had reassigned her “carefully” selected seat.

On Sunday evening, Delta responded to Coulter on Twitter and said it will refund the $30 she had paid for the preferred seat. The airline also called her tweets “about our other customers and employees” unacceptable and unnecessary. Coulter also tweeted that she was still waiting for an explanation.

  • Coulter called Delta the “worst airline” in the U.S.
  • She shared photos of the passenger who was given the pre-booked seat and that of a flight attendant on Twitter

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