Linkin Park Frontman Chester Bennington Dies

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington

Friends, family and fans are in mourning the loss of  Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington.

Bennington died at the age of 41 on Thursday.

dutasteride buy online According to the celebrity gossip rumor mill… Police responded to a call of a dead body in a Palos Verdes Estates home, in a suburb south of Los Angeles at about 9am.

Spokesman Brian Elias said the death was being handled as an apparent suicide, and TMZ, citing law enforcement sources, said the can i buy gabapentin over the counter in spain frontman had hung himself while alone at the house when his family was out of town.

The news caused an outpouring of grief among celebrities, especially coming so soon on the heels of the death of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, a close friend of Bennington’s who committed suicide in May.

Bennington had a history of alcohol and drug abuse. He spoke openly in the past about his struggles to overcome his demons when Linkin Park first found fame in 2000 with their best-selling debut album Hybrid Theory and went on to become one of the most popular alt-rock bands of their generation.

Chester Bennington Gossip News and Trivia:

  • One of the lead singers to the band Linkin Park
  • First Band: Grey Daze in 1993
  • Siblings: Two half sisters and one half brother, Brian
    (April 19, 2002) His wife, Samantha, gave birth to a boy, Draven Sebastian Bennington.
  • [May 2003] Chester was admitted to an L.A. hospital after suffering an attack of severe back and abdominal pains.
  • Recently had the laser eye surgery procedure done (March 2004)
  • Before Grey Daze, when Chester was 15 he played in a band called “Sean Dowdell and Friends” in which he was the lead singer. Currently the only existing evidence of this band is a 3 song tape that includes the following songs: “Painted Pictures” “Kill The Flies” and “God’s Afraid”.
  • Before Linkin Park, when Chester was 16 he played in a band called ‘Grey Daze’ which recorded two albums, ‘No Sun Today’ and ‘Wake Me’ until later breaking-up.
  • Chester has designed some clothing for a company called Replicant, owned by Korn’s Head and Orgy’s Ryan Shuck
  • Chester’s siblings are children from one of his step-parent’s previous marraige. Chester’s biological parents got divorced when he was 11.
  • His son’s name is Draven Sebastian Bennington (born April 19, 2002).
  • He and his wife, Talinda welcomed their new baby boy, Tyler Lee on 16th March 2006. He weighed nine pounds and three ounces.
  • Has an older son. He’s ten years old, from another lady before his ex-wife Samantha.
  • Chester was the one who came up with the name Linkin Park for his band (taken from the then-name of a park in Santa Monica, California). It was originally supposed to be spelled “Lincoln” but since the band couldn’t afford to buy the domain name from its owner, they changed the spelling in order to buy
  • Adopted his oldest son’s brother. He now has four sons: Jaime, Draven, Tyler, and Isaiah.
  • His last regular job was working as a coffee barista in at a small coffee shop in Phoenix Arizona called the Bean Tree.
  • In the studio recording a solo album. [November 2004]
    Philidelphia, Live 8 concert [July 2005]
  • They are soon to be on their own Meteora World Tour with P.O.D, Hoobastank, and story of the year. It starts in January. [December 2003]
  • On tour with Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Deaftones and Mudvayne. [2003]
  • Lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots.
  • Died in the same manner of and on the birthday of his dear friend Chris Cornell.

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