Dallas Cowboys Cut Lucky Whitehead following False Arrest Allegations

Cowboys fire Lucky Whitehead

Cowboys Lucky Whitehead isn’t feeling very LUCKY right now!

The Dallas Cowboys are offering up no apologies and showing absolutely no remorse after cutting third year wide receiver Lucky Whitehead.

The Cowboys, released Whitehead and cited a pattern of behavior in justifying the move.

Whitehead was at practice on Monday when he learned that the http://solidkitchens.com.au/galleries/?COLLCC=2359783038 Prince William County Police Department was claiming he had been arrested on June 22 for stealing approximately $40 worth of goods from a Wawa convenience store in Woodbridge, Virginia.

He explained to the organization that these claims were completely false and that he had in fact been in Dallas on the date in question, but his pleas fell of deaf ears.  #yourfiredbucko

The Prince William County Police Department said the man who was arrested didn’t have identification with him. He verbally provided the name, date of birth and Social Security number of Rodney Darnell Whitehead Jr. to police officers, who checked the information through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles database.

Police also compared the DMV photo on file with the man in custody and “acted in good faith that, at the time, the man in custody was the same man matching the information provided.”

“At this point, the police department is also confident in confirming that Mr. Whitehead’s identity was falsely provided to police during the investigation,” according to the statement.

The police are currently seeking the correct identity of the man arrested.

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