St. Lucie Mets vs Tampa Yankees Tim Tebow Hit in Head Video

mets vs yankees tim tebow

OUCH! Tim Tebow stepped up to the plate for the St. Lucie Mets in what seemed like any other minor league game.

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The mood The Tampa Yankees built a huge lead early and coasted to a 12-5 win over the St. Lucie Mets on Friday at Steinbrenner Field.

The mood suddenly changed in the ninth inning when Tampa Yankees left-handed pitcher, Trevor Lane, threw as fastball which hit Tebow in the head. The impact was so hard that it knocked the former NFL quarterback’s helmet off.

According to sources, the sound of the ball bouncing off of Tebow’s face rang throughout the stadium.  He’s fine and according to sources… He got up, walked to first base like nothing had happened!

The Tampa Yankees 12-5 win over the buy genuine accutane St. Lucie Mεts.

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