Cody Heads to Jury House After his Elimination from Big Brother House

Big Brother House Guest Heres What We Think! Just a Bunch of IDIOTS
Big Brother's Cody Nickson former Marine Reveals he's a Proud Father
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Cody and Jessica Dating

After numerous conflicts and lots of controversy, the Big Brother house guest  eliminated their number one target from the game…. Cody!

He former Marine wasted no time exiting the Big Brother house.  During his post elimination interview with Julie Chen,  made his dislike for the remaining house guest known.

Cody’s feeling about those left in the house comes as no surprise.  Numerous gossip feeds have shown that Big Brother fans share Cody’s disdain!

go to site Big Brother fans also took issue last week when others tried to antagonize him regarding his military service.

Cody shares his source url Big Brother Strategy

This 32-year-old construction sales rep is a former Marine from Plano, Texas. Cody Nickson’s strategy upon entering the Big Brother house was to target the overbearing HGs first, then the floaters. which would create a nice divide. The ones talking their game out loud, He would shoot for them first. After getting rid of the overbearing, the floaters go next. If you float about, you’re getting voted out. He wanted to face warriors and champions to the end… not some tagalong. After that, win every competition (which he feels he have the ability to do if it’s individual). If there is a way to accomplish these things through influence and causing someone else to execute my moves, He will make that happen. If he have to gain the HOH position and do it myself, He will absolutely do that also. He will never put myself in a pawn position. He will always be a part of every conversation he can and ask questions but avoid inserting my opinion directly. He’ll always do it in a roundabout way, making people believe it’s their opinion.

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