Aaron Carter Addresses Reports of Meth and Crack Cocaine

Pop star Aaron Carter is speaking out for the first time since about rumors that he is addicted to meth and crack cocaine.

Aaron Carter the DoctorsCarter sat down for an interview with ‘ cheap prednisone for dogs The Doctors,’which will air on Wednesday. The pop star reportedly reveals that he is addicted to plastic surgery and painkillers. He admits that when he cannot get a prescription he will obtain them illegally off the street.

He details his constant trips to his dermatologist, saying: ‘I get fillers. Restylane, Voluma, Rejuviderm. I get all three, and I’m going to continue doing it. It makes me smile in the mirror.’

Carter’s smile then quickly turns to tears however as he says: ‘I see a pretty good looking guy, I’m just skinny.’ He then adds: ‘And I just want to get better.’

Aaron Carter Gossip News and Trivia:

Younger brother of singer Nick Carter and Leslie Carter.
Siblings: Angel Carter (his twin sister), Bobbie Jean Carter, Leslie Carter, and Nick Carter. Also has an older half sister Ginger from his father’s first marriage, a younger half brother Kaden and a younger stepsister Taelyn from his father’s current marriage.
He and fraternal twin sister, Angel Carter, were born one minute apart.
Aaron’s older sister, Leslie Carter, had a singing career of her own and opened for Aaron on his 2001 tour.
Got a scuba diving certificate at age 8.
He is a big Bruce Springsteen fan.
Once sank to his waist in quicksand in a Florida swamp. He was saved by family members.
Plays the drums, piano, guitar and saxophone.
He is the son of Robert Carter and Jean Spaulding. He has English, German, Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Scots-Irish/Northern Irish ancestry.
Recently learned gymnastics from his backup dancers.
Engaged to Kari Ann Peniche on September 18, 2006. Broke off the engagement after only six days, claiming he isn’t ready for marriage.
Arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession on February 21, 2008, near Junction, TX.
Born in Tampa, FL, he lived in Ruskin, located southeast of Tampa, and went to Ruskin Elementary School.
Was in a short relationship with Hilary Duff.
Sister Leslie Carter passed away in early 2012 due to a suspected drug overdose.
Injured chest on House of Carters (2006), bruised by the end of a surfboard that hit him.


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