Big Brother’s Favorite Showmance Couple on The Amazing Race

Amazing Race Cody Jessica

CBS has confirmed the news that Big Brother 19 showmance couple Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson will be setting out across the world in the upcoming season of “The Amazing Race” and they better pack fast because the new game starts next week.

Announced through THR, and confirming the same news already shared by them last week, Jessica and Cody will be taking off on their Race starting this Sunday, October 1st. That’s just one day before Jessica’s appearance airs on The Bold & The Beautiful.

go here Cody Eliminated from Big Brother House

The showmance couple turned real world couple will be the third pairing of former Big Brother Houseguests to participate in CBS’s Amazing Race, following in the footsteps of Jeff & Jordan and Rachel & Brendon. So while it’s happened before, it’s not a common crossover between the two series. It’s also an entirely different beast of a competition so maybe they’ll perform a little better this time around.

On Sunday, Oct. 1 at 11:30 AM ET, the couple—whose steamy in-house showmance is still going strong IRL—will hit the ground running during the show’s live start at Washington Square Park at 5th Ave and Waverly Place in New York City. Read more here

About The Amazing Race:

Emmy-nominated host Phil Keoghan returns for Season 30 of the reality-adventure series featuring 11 globe-traveling teams competing for the $1 million prize. This season features 22 racers who are complete strangers before meeting on the starting line and competing in a challenge that determines the order for picking a teammate. Each location along their route includes new challenges — some physical and some mental — and as each task is completed, the next destination is revealed. The teams that fall the farthest behind are eliminated, and the first team to make it to the final destination wins the game.

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