Update:The Vegas Shooter Identified as Stephen Paddock

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Here’s what is known about the Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, the assailant who killed himself in his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino after committing the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

  • Paddock was 64 years old and lived in a retiree community in Mesquite, Nevada.
  • Two years ago he moved from Central Florida to Vegas from Central Florida.
  • He was divorced, and was living with a woman in a home in Mesquite.

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Benjamin Hoskins Paddock Vegas Shooter

  • His father Benjamin Hoskins Paddock worked as a garbage-disposal salesman and serviceman.  He was also a bank robber,  who was on the FBI’s most-wanted list from June 10, 1969 until May 5, 1977.  He  escaped from prison in 1969 and lived on the run until 1978, when he was arrested in Oregon, the Eugene Register-Guard reported at the time.
  • Stephen Paddock’s ex-wife lives in Los Angeles County, California, and has had no contact with him in years, authorities said. They divorced 27 years ago, after four years and nine months of marriage.
  • Paddock described himself as a world traveler and “professional gambler by trade

According to his brother Eric Paddock,  he’d never shown violent tendencies.  He described the news saying, “He was my brother and it’s like an asteroid fell out of the sky.”

  • Stephen last communicated with his brother via a text, Eric said, asking about their mother, who’d lost power during Hurricane Irma. Eric also said Stephen spoke to his mother on the phone a week or two ago.
  • Eric Paddock says his brother did not have affiliations with any terror or hate group, and that he doesn’t know why his brother would do this.
  •  “He was a wealthy guy playing video poker … on cruises,” his brother said, adding that Stephen could afford anything he wanted and played $100-a-hand poker.
  • Eric Paddock said his brother owned apartments and houses. Business records filed in Texas show “Stephen C. Paddock” listed as the manager of “Mesquite Central Park Apartments GP 1, LLC” in Mesquite, Texas. In a statement, the apartment complex at that address said Paddock is not the current owner.

Paddock’s neighbor Sharon Judy had this to say about the Vegas Shooter:

She was “shocked when she heard the news on the radio and didn’t know the neighborhood connection to the shooting until reporters knocked on her door.”

She met Paddock when she and her husband moved into the neighborhood of manicured lawns about the same time as he did. Paddock told her he wasn’t going to live there full time and gave her a key to check on his house.

She described the Vegas Shooter as:

  •  “He was real friendly, very outgoing, very open about what he did for a living,”friendly, very outgoing, very open about what he did for a living.”

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